Interview with Cécile from MintyWendy

Cécile is the mom of Wendy and also the designer and founder of the brand MintyWendy.

It all began in 2015, when Cécile began to create designer objects in the form of jewelry for Moms. The necklaces and bracelets for Moms became teething jewelry for babies. Then the maternity jewelry also transformed into water jewelry, in which women can travel, do sports and also relax while wearing MintyWendy.

Are you a Mom?

Yes! I have a brunette named Wendy that just turned 4 years old in April.

MintyWendy bijoux

What are the ups and downs of being a Mom?

Let’s start with the downs, so that we can finish with the beautiful things that are so much more important.

I believe that when you become a mother, you can’t get rid of a constant feeling of guilt: guilt that you are not doing enough, that you are not doing things well enough, or that you are doing things wrong. However, at the same time, there is also something reassuring about knowing that there is no perfect answer and that all you can do is do your best! By the way, I don’t necessarily think that I’m doing anything terribly wrong. I sometimes get tired very quickly and the idea of spending a few days thinking only of myself and doing nothing at all would be really enjoyable.

There are so many ups! Wendy makes me so proud, she makes me laugh, and she surprises me every day.

Do you remember when you didn’t have children, and your parent’s friends told you uninteresting stories about their kids? They would tell stories with amazement about their children, but for myself it seemed like rather ordinary details of everyday life. Then comes the moment when you have your own kids and these little things amaze you as well. These beautiful moments of everyday life that are small things, can illuminate your mood. Isn’t it ridiculous to read this? I assure you, it’s also ridiculous to write, but it’s true!

What inspires and motivates you?

I am inspired by the women around me. Be it my close entourage, or also women on the social networks, as well as all of the women with whom I exchange with every day. I wonder what this woman would want to wear, not in relation to her status as a mother, but in her image as a woman. The first reflection I have is related to women and I want to make sure that what I make is life-proof.

Whether it’s the necklace with a safety clasp to avoid any breakage caused by baby’s small hands or the waterproof bracelet that you don’t have to think about when you also want to have fun on the beach. The idea is to make women feel beautiful, to move and fully enjoy each stage of their life.

MintyWendy : les bijoux maternité pour maman

How did you create MintyWendy ?   Where does the name come from? 

I created MintyWendy for the pleasure of learning new things and creating. The taste of entrepreneurial adventure came with sales that exceeded my expectations.

The name comes from the name of my little brunette daughter, Wendy, and the colour “mint” that obsessed me at the time of the launch in 2015. The association of these two words was very appealing to me, as well as the symmetry of the letters “M” and “W”.

Do you have any advice for parents that wish to buy MintyWendy products?

For anyone who would like to buy MintyWendy products, it’s very simple. You can visit the webshop at or also shop at any of our resellers in France and internationally. We are also selling in over 80 Nature et Découvertes shops in France.

MintyWendy - bijou Maman-Friendly spécialement dessiné pour plaire aux mamans

What are your must-haves for the family?

  • Lunii is the perfect alternative to the screen. Children are captivated by stories while using their imagination. For busy parents, it makes it possible to listen to a bedtime story together.
  • Earphones for parents so that they can cuddle and comfort their babies in their arms without losing patience and without you making you scream in the face!
  • A baby sling combined with a MintyWendy necklace when travelling. This allows for easy, arm free movement while your baby’s hands are busy.
MintyWendy - Bijoux Féminins pour maman élégantes. Allaitement et portage safe pour bébé et maman.

Do you have any tips or places near your home that you can recommend for parents?

Eugene-Eugene in Puteaux, which is also known as my weekly cantine. This is where I meet my friends with their children. The space is huge and beautiful. We are free to speak as loud as we want without feeling embarrassed and the children can sit around the sofa and eat on the coffee table which is cut from a huge tree trunk. Eugene-Eugene looks like a huge winter garden, full of plants and wicker furniture. Their octopus is delicious!

Eugene-Eugene à Puteaux

Thank you Cécile !

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