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Interview w/ Bethany from Tech Will Save Us

Meet Bethany, an intelligent, dynamic, mother and business woman. She is also the founder of Tech Will Save Us. This innovative company designs and sells kits for kids that “combine building, craft, science, technology and coding with fun and play.” Tech Will Save Us has already encountered a huge success in England and is currently expanding business on an international scale.
After discussing with Bethany, and testing a few kits with my children, I have become a big fan of Tech Will Save Us. I recommend the kits to children of all ages and also to their parents. Read more about Tech Will Save Us, Bethany and her lifestyle.

Bethany - Tech Will Save Us

Are you a Mom? 
Yes- I have one son!

What are the ups and downs of being a Mom?

Being a mother and owning your own business is full of challenges and unexpected opportunities. It’s something that you can’t plan or prepare for, you just have to bite the bullet and do it. Everything is dependent on the type of business you’re running and your child’s personality – my son has been an integral part of building one of our newest projects, The Mover, and absolutely loves being involved in product development and focus groups for each of our kits.

Tech Will Save Us

What motivates you? Where do you find your inspiration?

Around 65% of children in school today will have a job that doesn’t currently exist and I am motivated to equip them with all the tools they need to be prepared for these roles. Technology Will Save Us is dedicated to empowering kids with technology and unlocking their creative potential.

Why/How did you create Technology Will Save Us?

I started Technology Will Save Us in response to a few different things. We found a laptop in our bin and thought it was crazy that someone would throw a working piece of technology away. It really highlighted the role that tech has in our everyday lives and our relationship with it. We don’t really understand it, yet it pervades everything.

It got us thinking about how today’s tech is very homogeneous. It’s very same same. Our gadgets all look and feel the same. When we lose them or get rid of them, we don’t really miss the objects themselves, we miss the data – intangible things like photos, contacts, or even our settings. The disposability of these products prevent us from really having an appreciative relationship with them.

When you compare that with something that you’ve played a role in creating, that relationship changes quickly. I have knitted objects that I’ve made over the course of my knitting life, and while not all of them are particularly pretty, I feel very connected to them because they’ve taken a long time to make. A lot of learning went into them. Or there is my dad who spends a lot of time restoring old cars. With every single one of them he shares a strong physical, emotional, even intellectual relationship. This sort of relationship comes from being hands-on with the object: understanding how to take it apart and how to put it back together; understand the role each part plays in the functioning whole.

Both myself and my co-founder Daniel were teaching at the time and were keenly aware of how long it takes for education to catch up with the pace of technology. The maker movement was growing and the world of creative tech tools was on the rise, we felt there was a need for a business that would empower the creator generation and empower parents while inspiring kids to make and be productive with tech in a fun and hands on way.

So in this thrown-out laptop, Daniel and I saw an opportunity to change our relationship with tech. We were wondering if there is a way to make tech more accessible, more personal, especially for younger generations. Technology Will Save Us was our response to that.

What is your dream for the company? How do you see Technology Will Save Us in the next 5-10 years?

The future is very bright for Tech Will Save Us. Success for us is empowering young people and parents to get hands on with technology – we measure this by the growing number of young digital makers in the world.

In the next 5-10 years, I plan on growing Technology Will Save Us into the most accessible technology company in the toy industry. I hope to inspire and empower a generation of young problem-solvers with hands on technology, so that they understand how technology can help them creatively solve all the problems we face.

That being said, we are continually developing products for different ages, with different themes and different price points. We hope to build a real community of future makers with our online ecosystem of coding and programming tools.

Do you have any tips or advice for young people and they parents who are interested in buying a kit ?

One of my favourite parts of Technology Will Save Us is watching children learning new skills and having the permission to do something like soldering or making their own gamer. We did one workshop in South London with hard to reach young girls, and just by showing them what they could create and how fun it was, we turned their attitudes from “this is boring” to “this is sick!”.

Our kits are all about having fun and learning by doing. I would say that when you are looking at our kits, make sure the one your choosing falls into the correct aged group and I guarantee – you’ll be surprised at how much your kid is able to do. Our children are incredibly smart, and their toys should be too.

DIY Gamer Kit - Tech Will Save Us
DIY Gamer Kit

Is it necessary to be connected to the internet to make a kit?

Our kits come with downloadable manuals, containing step by step instructions for kit assembly and helpful tips and we also produce instructional videos, if you prefer to watch rather than read. You can find, watch and download these guides on our resources page. If you need more expert advice, you can always contact

We also have an incredible maker platform on our website, you can choose your kit then find loads of fun instruction manuals, activities and challenges.

What is your favorite kit? Would you recommend a kit for adults too?

It’s impossible to just choose one kit, our DIY Gamer Kit and our DIY Electro Dough Kit are close favourites of mine. They span our youngest age groups (the dough kit starts as young as 4) and our oldest starting age groups (from 12) and are some of our biggest sellers. These are also great for adults too!

Electro Dough Kit - Tech Will Save Us
Electro Dough Kit

I’ve also been having so much fun with our latest kit, The Mover. After testing our prototypes with over 300 kids, we learned that kids love technology that is portable, reactive and open-ended. As we continued to develop the product, we got even more excited that this wearable was not a smart watch, not a fitness tracker and not about data in a cloud but about something very clear – kids learning through active play.

Mover Kit
Technology Will Save Us Mover Kit

What are your must-haves for the entire family (for dad, mom and the kids), whether it be beauty, fashion, accessories, books, websites, magazines, etc.?

One of my must-have accessories is a portable phone charger, as I spend so much time travelling and am always on the go! My son loves to play so we always have his favorite toys in the house, like LEGOS and our DIY Electro Dough kits.

You are based in London.  What type of spots do you recommend in London for the family? for Moms and or Dads?

London is an incredible mix of a world class cosmopolitan city, lovely villages with community, gorgeous parks and an independent spirit. I am constantly amazed at how much is invested in parks, museums, train stations, and other spaces that are shared and important to everyone. Some of my favorite local spots for the family include the Shoreditch House, The Museum of Childhood, Victoria Park playground and the Hackney Picturehouse.

Thank you Bethany!

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