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Interview with Jessica, Designer of Bandy Button

Jessica Ben-Ami will be launching her very first French kidswear fashion collection in just a few days. Her Instagram account has already started a buzz with beautiful images of the up coming Bandy Button new collection inspired by Los Angeles in the 1970’s.  This gorgeous woman and mother tells us more about Bandy Button and her personal life …

Are you a Mom?
My name is Jessica. I’m 34 years old and I am a mother of two little girls: Joey 6 ½ years old and April 3 ½ years old.

Interview Jessica - Bandy Button

What are the ups and downs of being a Mom?
Besides the fatigue, I only see ups in my role as a mom.  I love being with my girls. They are my best friends, but even better! We do several things together including playing games like Docteur Maboul or Qui Est-Ce ?, manicures, photos, videos and making funny faces on Snapchat.

Jessica petite fille
Jessica, petite fille.

What motivates you? Where do you find your inspiration?
Beautiful material inspires me. The love the mixture of unexpected colors. I find inspiration in photographs, shapes, people on the street, etc.  I love comfortable clothing that is easy to wear.

Interview Jessica - Bandy Button

How did you create Bandy Button? Where does the brand name come from?
I left Paris in 2014 and moved to Tel Aviv and I wasn’t able to find nice clothing for my girls. Due to my education as a stylist and designer and equipped with my sewing machines, I started to purchase fabric and create dresses, skirts and saroual trousers.  My entourage started to make orders and I soon became overwhelmed with work. It’s with the help of my husband that I decided to launch my very own brand.

Jessica et son mari

Bandy Button was inspired by the word “belly button” which symbolises the link between mother and child.  I changed “belly” to “bandy” (which represents children) and also with the initials “BB”, this gives a hommage to Gainsbourg (I’m a big fan!). The first collection by Bandy Button is based on the theme of the city of Los Angeles in the 1970’s.  It will launch on January 20, 2017 in shops and also on our website: www.bandybutton.com.

Bandy Button
The new Bandy Button collection…

Bandy Button

What are your ambitions for Bandy Button?  We will start the salons in July and we hope to accumulate some very nice retail shops around the world.  For the first collection, we will already be sold in four different countries. Our main goal is to seduce you with our clothes and to make Bandy Button a must-have brand in children’s wardrobes.

What are your must-haves for the entire family? For fashion, I would say a striped Breton shirt and a pair of Converse. These are 2 key pieces that almost everyone has in their wardrobe, they are the timeless classics that look great on every silhouette.  For magazines, I would say MILK magazine. It’s always a pleasure to read and their photo shoots are always magnificent and inspiring.

What do you like to do in Tel Aviv with your husband?  We live in the Neve Tsedek neighborhood.  It’s sort of the equivalent to the Marais in Paris, but smaller.  It’s very nice to walk around Neve Tsedek. There are shops, parks, cafés and restaurants such as le Dallal or the Suzanna Café which is an institution with it’s large covered terrace and huge ficus plants.

What do you like to do in Tel Aviv with your kids?
We are lucky to live near the beach.  This is the best spot for the kids to have fun, especially since the weather is nice most of the year. My girls often meet their friends at the beach.

Otherwise there is also Namal de Tel Aviv (the port). It’s very nice to stroll with kids and eat an ice cream or do a bit of shopping. There are also large play areas here for kids.

Thank you Jessica ! We are looking forward to discovering the new Bandy Button Collection!

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