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Interview with Illustrator Léone

Meet Léone. We are fans of her illustrations, her creativity and her sense of humor.  On her blog, she illustrates the daily lives of children. Each week, we regularly visit her site for a dose of laughter and enjoyment.   We were extremely touched by her personal drawing inspired by Miss A in her Bonton Tutti Frutti look! You can discover this drawing at the end of the article below!  Enjoy our interview with Léone!

Entretien Leone

Are you a Mom? No, but I am with kids almost everyday!

Describe your typical day.
I start the day by preparing various activities to do with kids and at night when I come home, I draw my days… I try to remember the attitudes, the gestures, and the small movements of the children and as soon as I have an image that comes to mind, I start drawing on the computer. I draw quite a few stories simultaneously and the next day I return to the same stories and change them a bit after taking a break and looking at them from a new view point.

How did you start drawing?
I have been drawing since I was very young, and at high school I began painting, then also vector drawing.  At the moment, I am painting birds. I don’t know exactly why, but animals fascinate me.

Léone Illustratrice

Léone Illustratrice

What inspires or motivates you and your illustrations?
I love to laugh and kids inspire me because they are spontaneous, they are full of life and also innocent. I love observing kids reactions when I explain about animals, for example.  I must admit, they surprise me every day.

Otherwise, I love going to exhibitions, walking in parks, and watching squirrels.

Explain your work.
I work in a school where I organize art and craft workshops.

Each day is very different depending on the weather, the number of kids, and also their level of concentration. The daily program can often change at the last minute if I see that when the kids arrive they want to immediately go and play outside. In my workshops, we cut with scissors, we make things, we paint, we glue… I enjoy that each child can use paper and colors and decide to adapt what I propose according to their own taste.  I always try to let each child be as free as possible to do their activity.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?
I would love to be able to publish a book and maybe even create a line of toys for kids.

Any special spots to recommend to Moms?
At the moment I live in Lausanne, and I recommend to brunch in the countryside at the “Chalet des Enfants” with or without kids. This spot is just perfect for a pause during the week while watching the cows graze.

Any special spots to recommend to  babies and/or kids?
If you have kids and live or visit Lausanne, I recommend going to the Vallée de la Jeunesse. It’s a park with several slides and also you can stop in the space of inventions, a small museum that organizes lots of fun activities for children.

Your must-haves or essentials?

For work: the radio, it’s always on.  For the decor, I love surrounding myself with old objects that I niche out here and there. I also like pretty cards and signs that I put up all around me at home.

Entretien Leone

Entretien Leone

Entretien Leone

Beauty Object: I am always wearing my fake vintage watch, a ring from my mother, and a bracelet that someone just gave me.

Books, music, and artists you love?
I am always listening to music. I love Mathieu Boogaerts‘ melodies. Angus et Julia Stone make me travel, Feist, The Shoes for electro (and also they come from Reims, just like me) ! Emiliana Torrini, I can’t stop listening to her latest album.  Isaac Delusion is the French concert worth going to!

For reading, a friend of mine just lent me: Silo by Hugh Howey, a science fiction book that is well written with a lot of suspense. I recommend it!

Thank you Léone!



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