Interview: The Face behind Lucien Zazou

We have a special soft spot for Lucien Zazou and this brand’s adorable clothes.  When we attended Condensed Kids last Fall, we were lucky to have had the opportunity to meet Ferno Febres, one of the designers of Lucien Zazou. With his down to earth and passionate energy for his family and his brand, we couldn’t resist but to ask him and his wife Caroline for an interview. Here is your chance to discover a bit more about Ferno and Caroline and Lucien Zazou. You may also be tempted to visit their e-shop with huge sales prices on hard to resist baby and kids fashion.

Are you a MOM? Are you a DAD?  We are mother and father to Eytan, an 8 year old future soccer player and Rose, a 6 year old future ballerina.

Lucien Zazou

Lucien Zazou

The ups and downs of being a Mom? The ups of being a Mom: the unconditional love, cuddling, and words that kids say that are sweet and often funny. The downs of being a Mom is from time to time the lack of time to share with the kids.


The ups and downs of being a Dad? For the moment, everything is going very well, they are still small… except in the morning, the time goes by too fast, a quick breakfast, brushing teeth and getting dressed in 5 seconds, aaaah!!  That’s a bit difficult for me!

What inspires or motivates you? Our children are our main source of inspiration, to see them live, move, play, dream … and the desire to provide them with soft and comfortable clothes that they are proud to wear. For parents we are inspired to make beautiful clothes, that are easy to maintain, that they will want to keep, and pass down  … We live in a time where change is everywhere, we need to question ourselves and our planet. We must look into the past but also in all the innovations that change our daily lives.

What made you interested in designing clothing for children? Reworking  children’s and baby’s wardrobe by offering intelligent designs at every stage of their evolution, beautiful volumes, a sleek and timeless style. (Re) Balancing chic and practical clothing, beautiful but not too precious for children, not like adult fashion. And being able to add our small stone foundation of being manufactured in France, in noble materials, with beautiful prints that are selected in France and within Europe.

Why and how have you created Lucien Zazou?  Caroline and I have known each other for a very long time and we were always convinced that one day we would work together. We always were in the fashion and textile business and I have made my passion my career. I received my diploma from l’École de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne en poche and Caroline worked for a long time as a Commercial Director in fashion. Once our children were born, we couldn’t resist the temptation to unite to launch our own kid’s clothing brand that we dreamed of for them!

What is your dream for Lucien Zazou? A long life! More seriously, our dream is a small shop in the image of our universe: cosy, bright, childish and an environment that encourages daydreaming …

Do you have any places or tips in Paris that you recommend for Moms? Paris is an amazing city that moves at all times and any where you roam, you can discover new places, new neighborhoods, just out …  For Moms, the Spa « Les Cinq Mondes », is a special place to relax, recharge and be beautiful alone or with girlfriends. We recommend this spa also for dads!

Do you have any places or tips in Paris that you recommend for Dads? I like to stroll at any time under the arches of the Palais Royal, in it’s garden that is not far from the Louvre…  Otherwise, for Dads … and the whole family, the 104, to take a break with a toddler, have lunch, and discover artists.

Do you have any places to recommend in Paris for babies and kids? Caroline and the kids love to make cakes and cook. Recently they tested  the Parent & Child Workshop l’Atelier des Sens on Rue Vignon, a beautiful moment of complicity.

Otherwise, I recommend all of the merry-go-rounds in Paris, especially the carousels in Trocadero, the Champ de Mars, the Museum of Chocolate (which also offers workshops), and the invincible Cité des Sciences.

On sunny days, the children’s favorite thing to do is spend the day at the Gally Farm (picnic, picking fruits and vegetables, visiting animals, and making bread )!

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