Interview with Elisa & Dac from Mombini

Meet Elisa and Dac, the founders of Mombini, a mix between “Mom” + “Bambini”.  As it’s name indicates, Mombini is THE spot in the 15th arrondisement in Paris for parents and kids.  As a boutique, a play space and also a café, Mombini also provides some amazing workshops including cooking and yoga. After discovering the Elisa and Dac’s universe (we love their graphic, fun, and modern design) we wanted to know a bit more about this couple and their motivations for creating their very own place for families.


Are you a Mom? Are you a Dad?
Yes we are mom and dad of a little girl who will soon be 5 years old (time goes by too fast…).

The ups and downs of being a Mom?
The downs are surely the moments of solitude, the stress of always wanting to do things right, the fear of not being free for our daughter all of the time, but also the lack of understanding of certain individuals towards being a mom.

The ups is the unconditional love that we share with our daughter.  After years of hard work and effort, our daughter has also finally started speaking Italian, my mother tongue!

The ups and downs of being a Dad?
One of my downs is finding my child asleep when I get home from work.  The ups of a Dad is when I put my child to sleep and when she is finally asleep, I go back to work  😉
More seriously…
The down of a Dad, besides going out less with friends during the week, is to not be up to par with the image of the modern Dad.  To allow oneself to be to absorbed by work and not be present enough for the first years with kids.
The ups, are to experience all of the first steps and experiences of your child, all the “first times”: the first smile, the first time writing their name, tying shoe laces, riding a bike.  To see the proudness in her eyes, after each time she has accomplished something new.

What inspires or motivates you? 
Everything seems to inspire us, whether its the beauty or creativity in a drawing, a print, nature, graffiti, dance, photo,  a time-lapse, design, people’s stories and daily meetings.  What motivates us, is the desire to move forward, keep a fresh eye, and make people a little happier.


Why/How have you created Mombini?
Mombini, is as much a personal journey as well as a way to respond to the needs of all families.
10 years before the creation of Mombini, we went traveling around the world for a year.  It was a discovery of other cultures and also an inner exploration: a journey at which we learned a lot about ourselves and the human condition that we observed in various countries. Upon returning to Europe, the daily routine has slightly taken over this spirit of adventure. After the arrival of our child our routine was shaken up a bit and we  were able to revive our flame for adventure. As many parents do, when a child is born, we posed a number of questions about our life and career. We finally decided to leave our respective jobs to start from scratch, build our own business, learn a new trade and give more meaning to what we do and what we pass on.

We created Mombini as the place we would like to have next door to us when we become parents, that is to say a place that breaks the traditional codes of shops and cafes where young and future moms feel a sense of community, where babies can speak freely and the well-being of the family and children’s development are the focus at heart.  Thanks to Mombini, we meet a lot of people from all over the world, and chatting with them is our way of traveling.


Why do you recommend Mombini?  Mombini is definitely the place to visit, because there is certainly no other place like it!  You will find furniture, decor, design objects and original gifts. The cakes are delicious, and with a play of colors, lighting, and textures, the Mombini environment is pleasing for both kids and parents.  Last but not least, the toilets are a must-visit 🙂 !



What is your dream for Mombini?
We have a lot of imagination and many dreams for Mombini, a multitude of ideas collide, even where we least expect them.  The idea that Mombini can make you travel is very interesting.  But for the moment, we are going to take things step by step and not skip ahead too fast.

Your must-haves for Mom, Dad, and for kids (from beauty products, fashion, books, etc.)…?
We are not particularly crazy about brands.  We favor more the design and quality of each particular product.  Through constant research to find products from around the world, we often detect a common thread in the creative process of each country. At the moment, we tend to enjoy Nordic products, which rely heavily on the durability of an object – both in functionality as well as in aesthetics – and they leave for children the freedom to develop at their own pace.

In regards to fashion accessories, we have a soft spot for geometric patterns and animal prints.

Any interesting plans or spots in Paris that you recommend for parents?
In Paris, we recommend Mum & Babe in the 11th and 15th arrondisement, where your kids can be taken care of while parents can get their hair cut or styled. We also like spots where culture, food and free time are shared among various ages and generations like at the Comptoir Général or the 104.

Any interesting plans or spots in Paris that you recommend for kids?
A Paris, we appreciate and enjoy the Musée en Herbe program which brings art to children in a fun and informative way.

Otherwise, we highly recommend a stay in Sardinia, Italy (Elisa’s homeland) for children to discover the joys of a crystalline turquoise sea, and the scents and tastes of the Mediterranean with ease.

Thank you Elisa & Dac!!

22 Rue Gerbert, 75015 Paris, France
+33 1 73 70 62 31

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