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Interview with Camille from the brand risu•risu

Do you know the French children’s fashion brand risu•risu? This independent brand designs and creates 100% éco-friendly clothing from beginning to end, in order to propose an entire collection of feel good, high quality baby and kids garments for ages 0 to 10 years old.

Made in France and Spain, risu•risu also has affordable prices.  The collection is made with organic fabrics and GOTS certified dyes. Finally, a sustainable way to dress our children from A to Z!

According to Camille Fleck, the founder of the brand, “nothing is left to chance for the well-being of our little ones and the tranquility of their mothers. ”

Mother of six children, Camille has the experience and know-how that identifies with the risu•risu hashtag:  #ourKidsArePrecious. Discover a little bit more about the personal life and inspirations of the founder of risu•risu

During the sales,  risu•risu is offering up to 50% off a selection of clothing. Now is the time to shop a few pieces to add to your child’s wardrobe!

Hello Camille! Are you a Mom?
Yes, and even 6 times.

Entretien avec Camille Risu Risu

What are the ups and downs of being a Mom?
When all is well, life is very exciting. I juggle between drawing with my youngest daughter, helping my son prepare for the baccalaureate test, attending the dance show of my other daughter, and helping my older daughter write her first Curriculum Vitae.

Once in a while, everything accelerates and gets a bit hectic! While preparing the clothing samples for a photo shoot on my older daughter’s graduation day, I’m away from home and at the same time my husband is out of town, meanwhile the refrigerator remains empty for several days in a row and the bazaar unfolds …

What inspires and motivates you ?

Initially, I started to make clothes with organic cotton for my two youngest daughters. I wanted them to wear clothing that was 100% safe: from the very beginning of the production chain, using pesticide-free cotton plants, through the entire process, with spinning and dying according to strict environmentally friendly rules. This was 10 years ago, and there is still not much of these products in the children’s fashion market!

As my family’s everyday lifestyle is almost entirely sustainable, everyday fashion is just as important to me.

Mode enfant risurisu

Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere, and especially in nature which constantly amazes me and is essential to my balance.

During my travels in Italy and Spain, I have become fascinated by Italian art, the colors and the overall Mediterranean atmosphere.

I am also a big fan of 1950’s fashion. It was exuberant during the post-war times. Fashion was in a permanent search for perfection and the enhancement of forms. There seemed to be no limit.

Entretien Camille Risu Risu

Why/How did you create risu•risu ?  
For five years, I had a shop for Moms and their babies in Paris in the Saint Germain des Prés neighborhood.  I couldn’t find an interesting choice of clothing and I love fashion way too much to be able to make a sacrifice between organic or beautiful.

Where does the name of your brand come from? 
I wanted a mascot to accompany my children’s brand.  The squirrel came directly to mind for its cleverness and way of life. This animal is wild and perfectly managing the resources he finds in nature.

While looking for the translation of the word “squirrel” in various foreign languages, risu (squirrel in Japanese) pleased me for its soft sound (the “u” is pronounced “or”).

What are your ambitions and goals for your brand?

I have many ambitions! There is much to do for children when it comes to organic products and accessories.

Risu Risu
Sneak peek : An adorable baby body from the up and coming SS19 collection at Playtime Paris

Do you have any advice for parents who wish to shop risu•risu?
Do not hesitate to ask us for advice especially for creating beautiful outfits. We are after all, a fashion brand!

What are your best sellers? 
The nightgowns with sweet collars, apron dresses with ruffled shoulder straps and our extra soft sweatshirts.

For babies, the Diplomate jacket is ideal for wearing on its own or inside a coat.  I would like underwear to become our best sellers. They are the best basics that every child needs to wear every day.


What are your must-haves for the entire family?
I am a fan of the household product brand Coslys ((Etamine du Lys) for washing clothes until one day when I make my own line of laundry!

You are based in Paris. What type of spots do you recommend in Paris for the family? for Moms and or Dads?
We just returned to Paris after living in Germany for five years. The city has evolved and we have not yet visited all of the places we would like to discover.

Recently, we went to the Jardin d’Acclimatation which is a safe bet with kids. You can picnic, see animals and also plants throughout the year.

Five years in Germany allowed us to discover a country unknown to the French. We have lived close to nature in Düsseldorf. This city is very green with huge parks, forests and the banks of the Rhine. The parks all offer water playgrounds for children … otherwise unknown for us.

We spent long days at the Schloss Dyck, which is 30 minutes outside the city. This is a huge park that is impeccably maintained and not very frequented in general. There are flower beds, an amazing forest, and fabulous children’s playgrounds.

The area is also very rich in zoos, we recommend the Koelner Zoo in Cologne for its elephants.

Dusseldorf’s cultural wealth is inexhaustible and unsuspected.

Since the museums are not very busy, one can go there with children without fear and allow them to discover works of art from some of the greatest painters.

Our absolute favorite museum is located in the middle of Hoimbroich Park, combining art, architecture and nature all together!

Hoimbroich musee

Entretien risu risu

Thank you Camille!











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