Interview: Aurelia Wolff from Whole

Meet Aurelia Wolff, founder and creative director of WHOLE. Aurelia is an inspiring, creative woman who designs a unique collection of handmade and sustainable products. Each product is made in France and colored with natural dyes creating a unique and beautiful effect.  We are under the charm of the poetic universe of WHOLE.

Are you a Mom?  Yes and for the rest of my life!

The ups and downs of being a Mom? Many “ups” that I would never have imagined. When my daughter suddenly jumps up and hugs me or when she invents fantasy games. The “downs” are when she no longer knows how to listen or when stress wins me over and I feel a bit overwhelmed.


What inspires or motivates you? Where do you find your inspiration? I am inspired by people and the energy that they give me. I am inspired by nature: it’s peace and it’s wonders. I am also inspired by daydreams… My inspiration is very visual and can occur during a movie, in the disorder of a workshop or while walking when travelling.


Why/How have you created WHOLE? WHOLE is my second creative “baby” after ROSA TAPIOCA. I wanted to continue my work with color and develop an approach with textiles that is more free.  I also wanted to experiment with vegetable dyes for an eco-friendly approach to work.


What is your dream for WHOLETo have a big workshop/showroom and to develop more advanced products with weaving, knitting, etc.

WHOLE atelier

What are some of your best sellers? The quilt is a best seller and also our handmade felt collaboration with CamDup!

What are your future projects with WHOLE? I will be offering workshops, a line of vegetable and watercolor stationery, and why not one day… a brick & mortar shop.

Your must-haves for the entire family (Mom, Dad, and the Kids)? We are big fans of the Akteon Theatre in the 11th arrondisement for their kids shows.  I also like (in no special order) the Sweet Cabane and Bloesem blogs, the magazine Flow, and also WE Demain for sustainable initiatives that give hope for the future. I also recommend Bea Johnson’s  Zero Waste Home to change our waste practices. We can’t always do everything, but we sure can try!

Do you have any special spots to recommend to parents?
We live in Ivry and are active in the AMAP Bio (an association that supports local agriculture) and also the parental daycare (that is also very bio!).  In Paris, we love brunching at the Square Gardette (Paris 11th arrondisement) because it has a very nice playground. When the weather is nice, we also like the péniche boats along the Seine near the François Mitterrand Library.

Do you have any special spots to recommend to kids in or around Ivry?
In Ivry, we are very lucky to have the large Cormailles Park  for our kids to play in. I also recommend the magnificent Jardin des Plantes (and it’s pretty merry-go-round)!

Thank you Aurelia ! We look forward to discovering the upcoming WHOLE collection at the KID event this week…

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