Interview with Anne Postrach from TINY in Berlin

Meet Anne Postrach.  Last December, Anne created TINY. Things for Kids. a new concept store for kids in central Berlin. We have been fond of Anne and her universe from quite a few years ago when she was working as a kids fashion journalist.  Her taste is impeccable and we are inspired by this beautiful woman.  At TINY. Things for Kids. you will find everything for kids including furniture, toys, fashion and also children’s books. A definite MUST to visit when in Berlin!

What’s a Mom / Are you a Mom?  I am not a mom but I have lovely friends with children around me. They are cool,  independant women growing with their new responsibilities, enjoying every bit of it. I love how each of them is keeping in touch with her “old” self whilst turning into something completely new.

Tiny Things Shop in Berlin Mitte

Ups and Downs of being a Mom? As the mom of “Tiny” the ups are definitely the majority. It’s my dream job! I get to talk to amazing people (customers, designers, press), I can shop for flowers, decorate my shop windows, buy lots of cute clothes and toys, travel to cool cities and search for new trends – everything is considered work. That’s amazing isn’t it? On the other side: I’m doing it all by myself and it’s taking up quite a bit of time (all of it). So there’s not much private life anymore. So I guess that’s a “Down”.

Tiny Kids Concept Store in Berlin Mitte

What inspires or motivates you?  Life inspires me. It’s cheesy but true. You know life in terms of growing up, learning about yourself and the world around you. I tend to indulge in everything and everyone that surrounds me. Sometimes I get lost. But whenever I make it back I own new stories, strength and yes inspiration.

What made you interested in starting a shop for children? The products aimed to be for kids are more fun and fantastic than those for grownups. And while I was working as a journalist focusing on childrens fashion I noticed that most of the amazing brands I wrote about had not been introduced to the German market. Which I thought should be changed immediately. So I started to work on the store.

Tiny Kids Concept Store in Berlin Mitte

What are some of your best sellers? My shop is pretty new so there is no real tendency yet. Right now everyone is reaching out for colour or Spring essentials. So Mini Rodini, Macarons or Popupshop are popular picks.

What is your dream situation for Tiny? That it becomes a successful business. A brand that manages to stay in touch with the new trends on the market and it’s customers, with a good reputation throughout the borders of Germany.

Tiny Kids Concept Store in Berlin Mitte

As a women, what are your must-haves (beauty, books, places, special keepsake, etc.) ? Wow, you caught me! I totally cut back on myself lately so I really had to dig deep to answer this question. I dig everything that smells good, natural and fresh, that’s why I love Aesop products (any), the blue malva shampoo from Aveda or my all time favorite scent “untitled” by Martin Margiela. Another thing that I’d consider a must-have: flowers! At home, on my balcony, at my shop – everywhere.

Any good tips or places that you recommend in Berlin (or where you come from) for Moms or kids? My good (mom) friends from Haupt Stadt Mutti know best where to be as a Berlin mother with or without your kids. Check them out. And it’s always fun to stroll around the side streets of Mitte/Kreuzberg/Charlottenburg – have a look into the backyards they sometimes hide true treasures.

Tiny. Things for Kids.
Schröderstr. 14
D-10115 Berlin-Mitte

+49 (0)30 81 80 03 29

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 11pm – 7pm
Saturday 11am – 6pm

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  1. Anne’s shop is really the best in town at the moment for moms and everybody who is looking for presents or nice things. I love to check it out and to see Anne in here shop! <3

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