Interview w/ Anne, founder of Pop-line

Pop-line is an online concept store based in France elevishat was founded over 10 years ago. We love the shop’s selection of decoration and design for our children’s rooms. Anne, the owner of Pop-line has a true talent for selecting new products that are often hard to find anywhere else.  At Pop-line the style and taste often have a touch of Scandinavian style, Japanese esthetics, and/or a retro vintage feeling for moms, kids and babies.  Some of our favourite brands include Bobo Choses, Maileg, Fog Linen Work, Oyoy, Numero 74, and Ferm Living. Meet Anne, a beautiful mother and also the woman behind Pop-line

Are you a Mom? 

Yes, I have two beautiful children! My daughter Eugenie is 10 years old and my son Gauthier is 13 years old.

What are the ups and downs of being a Mom?

The Ups: the love that I receive from my children and the valorization that they give me! I’m their mother and (still) their hero. It’s essential and also very gratifying! It gives me all the energy I need to manage everything at the same time!

The Downs: this is the less friendly part that many moms probably know… managing the children, the work and the housework all accumulate; it’s a real 3 in 1 job! This is the daily life of several women and yes, we are all Wonder Women!

What inspires and motivates you? I’m mostly inspired by travelling and different environments where I feel good. No matter what influences or styles in decoration, it must above all reflect a personality. Contemporary, classic or even rustic, decoration styles are multiple and can merge with each other to create a unique home, in it’s own special image, and bring an atmosphere that meets each individual’s desires. What motivates me is to find the next decor temptation and to search far and wide to find the brand or product that is not yet sold in France. I like the idea of offering a selection of affordable products and to be able to have fun and share daily life with beautiful objects that can be mixed and matched to all interior styles, to create a personal decor!

Where do you find your inspiration? I get inspiration from magazines, social networks… here and there… there is so much inspiration everywhere! Basically this is why it is very important to propose an original selection of products in my shop. 😉

Pop-line concept store
Pop-line on Instagram: @e.shop_popline

Why/How did you create Pop-line? In order to follow my husband and keep our family together, I decided to move to another region and leave a very specialized job in which I traveled regularly around the world. My son was 2 years old and I was pregnant with my second child. At that moment, I decided to start the online concept store for children’s rooms. The main idea was to present a selection of useful and trendy products from brands & designers from around the world … Now it has been almost 11 years!Pop-line website

What is your dream for Pop-line?

Evolve and start new projects and collaborations in order to offer a complete universe in the field of interior decoration.  I want to always present a select, cutting edge selection of products so that my customers will be able to identify with the shop and not be drowned in a plethora of offers of products and brands!

What is the latest news for Pop-line?
Our “best sellers” remain the brands with which we have been working with for several years. Pop-line was actually the first retailer in France for several favorite brands including Nobodinoz, Bobo Choses, Noodoll, Oyoy, Shinzo Katoh, and also the famous and adorable Sonny Angels.

What are your must-haves for the entire family (for dad, mom and the kids), whether it be beauty, fashion, accessories, books, websites, magazines, etc.?
The essential, above all is to be happy and to also offer happiness! Taking time for yourself and also for those we love (yes, but afterwards!) … it sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true! A yoga session with or without the kids (yes, it works for parents and children!). An appointment for a beauty treatment (facial, hairdresser, reflexologist, etc.). From time to time (or as often as possible) we try to resist turning on the television! There’s too much silliness and hollow debates … yes, it’s important to be smart! Listening to music (the real 😊) and reading: at the moment, for example, I’m reading Eric Orsena’s biography on Jean de La Fontaine; or even reading a magazine or comic books …. and, for those who love food, why not make a home cooked meal …. otherwise, we sometimes like to spoil ourselves and go out to eat in a restaurant with friends or family! In short, take the good, admire the beautiful, and feast on life!

Do you have any tips or places to visit in your region that you can recommend for parents?  for children?

I suggest spending a family weekend on the Arcachon basin, on the Cap Ferret side! I love walking along the fishing villages of Canon or Herbe and visiting one of the many authentic fishermen’s huts for oyster tasting. Afterwards, I suggest going to the pontoon where you can take the “Pinasse” (local boat and typically from the Arcachon basin) to make a complete tour of the basin and admire the coastline. I also suggest equipping yourself with rain boots and fishing for cockles and clams, or fishing for crabs if you have a net. Don’t forget to compare your bucket of shell fish with those of your neighbour! For sweet lovers, enjoy the famous “Dune Blanche” from Pascal (little cabbage cream chantilly balls) and/or Patachou’s homemade ice cream (an institution for locals! Less known than Frédelian but just as good and definitely more generous).

After a delicious meal, it’s nice to digest, by riding bikes along the dunes and arriving at the most gorgeous beaches along the Atlantic Ocean with a sublime view! Filling our lungs with fresh sea air, and making a manicure and pedicure with our hands and feet in the sand, collecting sea shells, and, of course, swimming in the ocean if weather permits!  This is a very fun and unforgettable moment …. If you ever come to Arcachon, let me know!

Thank you very much Anne!

You can visit the Pop-line shop here




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