5 Winter Inspirations for Mom

At the moment, I could really use some sunshine, color and a bit of humor in my everyday life in order to counterbalance the cold and gray winter weather in Paris.  As this is not always the case (at least for sunshine), here are a few of my inspirational must-haves of the moment just for MOM (and also for all women)!

Fresh Pressed Skincare

1. Clinique Fresh Pressed : I recently went to the Printemps department store to have a skin consultation at Clinique. Already a fan of this brand, I wanted to find an easy but effective daily skincare routine. My daughter is also a fan of Clinique (like Tavi from Rookie Mag). 😉

While at Printemps, I discovered the new Clinique Fresh Pressed products which are made with pure concentrated vitamin C.  I decided to try it! After a 7 day cure, this was THE good idea to give my face a wake up call and smooth out my complexion. It’s helped me get that boost for early morning wake ups with the kids!

Promotional Code: If you would like to test any Clinique products, Yoyo Mom is offering -25% off any purchase of 15 euros or more at clinique.fr w/ promo code YOYOMOMMAG 🍊

Clinique Fresh Pressed Booster

Produits de soins de la peau pour Maman

Clinique Fresh Pressed Skincare

2.  Travelling back in time with books:  Recently, I’ve become fascinated with reading books depicting the history of Paris including “Une histoire de Paris par ceux qui l’ont fait” by Robb Graham and “How Paris Became Paris: The Invention of the Modern City “by Joan DeJean. As a result, when I walk in the streets of the capital, I see the everyday in a new light. This city is really magical!

Histoire de Paris


3. Bobo Choses for Women : The new Bobo Choses collection is mainly for kids, but not only for kids! The women’s collection launches next month and I already have spotted a few pieces that I would like. This season’s Spring Summer theme is “Neverending Summer”, perfect for right now!

Bobo Choses pour femme

4. Being Modern: MoMa in Paris : I recently went to the San Francisco MoMa with my family where we had a lot of fun. Some highlights were seeing the Peter Fischli & David Weiss snowman and Louise Bourgeois’ spiders.  I would also like to take my children to the Louis Vuitton Foundation to visit the MoMa exhibit and participate in the workshop “Mini Factory” Family.

MoMa Paris

5. DIY :  I like to take the time and make things by hand. It can be very relaxing in today’s fast paced digital world. Although I am not an expert, I am very interested in knitting and sewing and today we find activities for all levels. Recently, I began knitting the Wool and the Gang “Kinda Magic” sock kit. With a single ball of wool, it’s possible to knit a pair of very cool leopard pattern socks! Pretty amazing and fun.

Wool and the Gang Kinda Magic Socks
📷 @hooked.by.fifi

I also like the sewing patterns by République du Chiffon and Aime comme Marie. I just finished sewing the Louise Top with the very pretty fabric Moonstone Green by Atelier Brunette. If you do not know how to sew and if you may not be ready to embark on the adventure, there is also a new site called Capsul Studio where it’s possible to make a unique garment by choosing fabric and connecting with a seamstress. 😉

République du Chiffon - Atelier Brunette

I hope you’ll find at least one of these ideas inspiring… Happy inspiration to all MOMS!

République du Chiffon - top Louise

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