Iglo + Indi: Shadow Play Look

Icelandic brand Iglo+Indi has just launched an enchanting Fall Winter collection entitled Shadow Play. Children are invited into a magical world of insects and gentle creatures who spend their time playing in their shadows.  This theme is ideal for getting into the mood of autumn with a color palette containing natural, earthy tones as well as cosy shades of pale peach, khaki green and yolk yellow.

At Iglo+Indi it is very easy to find favorite pieces for every day that are both comfortable and resistant.  Little G has adopted the jogging bottoms as his favorite trouser and the super soft Silver & Moss Sweater will definitely be on our must-have list.  The entire Shadow Play collection is made in Europe, eco-friendly and made from GOTS certified organic cotton. This means only the best for newborns and also boys and girls up to 11 years old.  While flipping through the Iglo+Indi catalog, we are in the mood to shop and stock up on a few Iglo+Indi clothes before winter comes…

Iglo and Indi

Iglo and Indi organic fashion

Camera Wolf T-Shirt

Iglo and Indi

Dark blue pants the most comfortable ever. These trousers are for days at the park, at school and just relaxing at home.

Iglo and Indi kids fashion

Iglo and Indi Boys Fashion

Now it’s time for a little magic! Enjoy Little G’s disappearing dog trick. 😉

AW16 Collection – Shadow Play from iglo+indi on Vimeo.

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