The Heart of Influence Jewelry for Kids and Moms

If you are a jewelry fan without wanting to spend a fortune on that special something, you might just be a fan of The Heart of Influence! Resulting from a collaboration of two longtime friends, The Heart of Influence offers 5 collections for women and men. Each collection is original and unique, offering an invitation to travel and escape. More recently, The Heart of Influence just launched a new Kids Collection that Miss A was able to test ! She loves the Baby Reboot in salmon pink. There is a wide selection of jewelry for all tastes that can also be the perfect gift for the whole family!

the-heart-of-influence_1The Baby Reboot


the-heart-of-influence_3The Navy BabyThe Baby RopeBaby Sailor

the-heart-of-influence_4Baby Sailor

the-heart-of-influence_5The Navy BabyThe Baby RopeBaby Sailor

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