Happy Happy Birthday! Kid’s Party Ideas!

In May, Miss A and Little G both celebrated their 6 year old birthday parties!

On the program for Miss A, a birthday party celebration duo with one of her closest friends and girly decor with the heart party kit by My Little Day, the shop for organizing an unforgettable birthday!  We also made our very own Rainbow Pinata. The tutorial can be found here. The recipe for our very own tiered Princess Cake was also found on the My Little Day website and always makes a super impression 😉 .

If you are on the search for activities and ideas, we also used the My Little Day, le livre : un super anniversaire book. Although it’s only in French at the moment, there are several ideas perfect for busy parents… We use this book every year as our reference.







FOr Little G, he celebrated with a dinosaur theme birthday party. For activities, we changed the version of pin the tail on the donkey to make a pin the tail on the dinosaur game. We also downloaded the Pantin Dinosaur for the kids to make their very own moving dino. The most successful game among the kids was adding a small plastic dinosaur in a balloon with water and freezing them.  The kids must hatch their own dino egg with warm water. The first to hatch wins. This activity is very easy to do the night before. Here is a link for a tutorial. Last but not least we made a Dinosaur photo booth where kids can pose in the mouth of a giant ferocious dino and of course our very own homemade T-Rex pinata!  Here are a few more super party ideas from My Little Day






A little girl, a little boy, 2 x 6 candles to make a wish and blow out and memories and dreams about a super birthday…

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