Happy Bonton animation fête

Happy Bonton – Birthday Parties in Paris

Hey hey it’s my birthday! Hey hey it’s my birthday! But what are we going to do for the party!? As a busy parent, organizing a birthday party can be a bit overwhelming. With a birthday celebration during winter, the possibilities for going outside are limited due to cold weather. Imagining 10 to 12 guests running around the house was exhausting in itself.  We started searching for alternatives for a fun (and successful) birthday celebration…

Miss L wanted to celebrate her birthday with a theme. Inspired by Harry Potter and a passion for magic and making potions a Wizard theme was just perfect.  When we came across the Happy Bonton website offering several different party animations including King Arthur, Cowboy, PirateSherlock HolmesFairyCooking ChefClownIndian1001 Nights… we thought B-I-N-G-O!!! They offer a Wizard Party Theme Animation!  The option to have a Wizard party with Happy Bonton was the perfect idea as it would also relieve us of a few duties as parents to organize the big event (which was organized at the very last minute!).


Before our Happy Bonton Wizard arrived we prepared two activities to keep the kids busy. One table had a few bowls of rainbow loom bracelet rubber bands, some plastic fork “looms”, and S-Clips. This activity is one of the latest trends among kids.  These bracelets are easy and fun to make and they also look quite good!  The rainbow loom bracelet table was a huge success even among the boys. Another table contained baked star shaped cookies with various colored icing and shiny sprinkles. The kids were able to decorate their own cookies and eat a bit of sprinkles along the way.

Once everyone arrived our Happy Bonton Host also arrived as a sweet young lady. She quietly dismissed herself and went into the room to change.  After a few minutes, Sabrina the Witch came out transforming our home into a witches den with several fun games all around the theme of sorcery. To our surprise the goals to avoid getting trapped, become light as air, be invincible to spells, wake the dead, mind reading, and magic were all fulfilled by the kids. At the end of the party we had a fun Treasure Hunt to search for the party favors. After present opening, and the cake we ended the party with a balloon avalanche and a mini boom.The Happy Bonton Sorcerer kept the kids busy for the entire party and Miss L’s birthday party remains a super souvenir!

Happy Bonton animation fête

Happy Bonton animation fête

Happy Bonton Party

Happy Bonton Party

Happy Bonton animation party

Happy Bonton animation fête

Happy Bonton party

Party favors:

We made secret book boxes full of sorcery delights!

We bought large thick books from a used book shop and with a paper cutter we cut out a hollow rectangle in the middle. We then glued all pages together to create a box effect.  Once our books were dry, we added some fun party favors to each secret book: balloons, origami frogs, plastic spider rings, marbles,  glow in the dark stars, dice, and of course candy. The kids were very happy to receive a special treasure rather than just a simple bag of candy.

Happy Bonton party

For all the little party favors we shopped at Bonton, My Little Day,  and La Petite Epicerie.

Happy Bonton Party

Our witch was capable of organizing games, magic, makeup, balloon animals and even a puppet show for younger kids. All of these activities are packed in one person and this keeps kids busy for over 2 hours!  After the party we learned that most of the Happy Bonton crew are actors, therefore, they are all capable of putting on a good show. Our witch was not too scary and  very nice. Dealing with young kids we know that its important that the animators be kid friendly and sweet!

Discover another fun Happy Bonton party (Cowboys & Indians) on their blog.

Happy Bonton
For kids ages 2 years to 12 years old.
From 170€ – 290€ for each party
Email: happy@bonton.fr

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