Gold Kids Fashion

Fashion: Go for Gold

This winter and even more so during the holiday seasons, it’s always nice to wear a bit of sparkle and little girls especially adore everything that shines!  With the upcoming chilly months, we can warm up the atmosphere and our wardrobes with a bit of sunshine or a sprinkle of stars (mix & match) and why not a touch of  “bling bling”. Our girl’s and Mom’s selection can be chic, and sometimes casual.  Discover our  GOLD coups de coeur!

Gold Kids Fashion
☆ OEUF NYC Crown ☆
TITLEE Gold Lowry Necklace ☆
☆ PETIT BATEAU Gold T-Shirt at Little Fashion Gallery ☆
☆ Princess Tutu Skirt at Little Fashion Gallery ☆
☆ SHWINGS shoe accessories at Alex and Alexaicon ☆
☆ 10 IS Gold High Top Shoes (laces or velcros) at SMALLable ☆

Gold Kids Fashion
BLUNE Head in the Stars Sweatshirt ☆
☆ SOFT GALLERY Lucy Cosmo Pants at Orange Mayonnaise ☆
☆ BONTON Lurex Socks ☆
☆ Wolf Pin by Lucille Michieli & LITTLE TITLEE ☆
☆ BOPY Halto Boots at Sarenza ☆

For Mom :

Gold Womens Fashion

☆ SEZANE Bary Derbies ☆
☆ PIECES Slim  Trousers with gold leg details at MonShowroom ☆
☆ ATHE BY VANESSA BRUNO Gold Sweatshirt ☆
TITLEE Ludlow Necklace ☆
☆ BENSIMON Western Boots at MonShowroom ☆
☆ CRAIE Mini Mathematics Leather Bag at MonShowroom ☆

GO for GOLD!

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