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The year goes by, time flies and January is already almost half way through. It is hard to believe that we are already in the year 2016.  This is usually the month that New Year’s Resolutions are made and although we hardly have time to think about resolutions, we are at least making the time to get organized to start the year off with a bit less stress.

In order to inspire you, here are a few free printable sheets made by yours truly! Have a lovely day and enjoy getting organized!

My Week can be downloaded here.


Today can be downloaded here.


Interesting New Year Info: According to Time Magazine, here are the most “Googled” New Year’s Resolutions for 2016. What do you think? Can you relate to any of these?

1. How to get rid of stress
2. How to make kale chips
3. How much water should I drink to lose weight
4. How to write a resignation letter
5. How to cook lentils
6. How to cook cabbage
7. How to write a letter of recommendation
8. How to cook collard greens
9. How to steam broccoli
10. How to crochet a beanie

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