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Free Giveaway: A-qui-S Mine 4 Sure Personalised Labels

Little G and Miss A are starting elementary school! After already experiencing the “big school” with Miss L, for Yoyo Mom Jaimee, it’s a lot easier the second time! But for Yoyo Mom Claire, it’s a first! When getting prepared for school, looking for the right backpack and school supplies is already an adventure. Also, on the list from the future teacher written in bold is, “In order to minimize losses, consider marking all of your child’s materials. ” 

Liste fourniture scolaire

While reading the School Supply List I wondered what “all” means … Does she mean each and every pencil, ballpoint pen and marker? Suddenly I remembered seeing previous moms desperately and quickly pasting the name of their child on each supply… It was at this point that I remembered the brand A-qui-S or Mine 4 Sure (the English version), which offers custom personalised labels and stickers for a very nice price! I did not order a pack, but a series of mini-stickers and small stickers. With these, it’s possible to add a picture in addition to the first and last name of the child. You also have choice of different fonts and background colors. I ordered Miss A’s in a shiny metallic color.

The envelope containing the stickers arrived very quickly. Applying stickers is easy. In case of error, it’s also possible to take them off and reposition them.



If you also want to prepare for going back to school, A-qui-S is offering one of our readers the chance to win the School Pack.

In order to participate in our A-qui-S Free Giveaway, just follow these simple steps:
– Participate in our contest here: http://bit.ly/aquis
– Respond in a comment below to the following question, “Do you have any tips or advice for making back to school easier?”

In order to have a second, third, fourth or fifth chance to enter, you can share this information on your FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Instagram pages with hashtag : #aquis and leave us an additional comment below to let us know! If you want to stay updated on A-qui-S or Mine 4 Sure for the latest deals and news, you can join their Facebook page here.

This contest is open to the entire world until August 24, 2014 at midnight (GMT+1).


The winner is… pinto tania!


Congratulations ! The winner will be contacted via email!  Thank you for your participation and your responses. Stay tuned for our next free giveaway :) !

In order to find the winner, we have reunited all comments left on the Yoyo Mom French and English websites.
The winners were selected at random in respect to their date and hour of publication.

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  1. I think we should involve them in the preparation of the material for school, preparing drawings and colored labels to stick in the notebooks and books.
    shared on facebbok, twitter and google +
    email theoria@inwind.it

  2. Unfortunately I have no suggestions for this moment
    i dont have children but my brother and my sister have two boys

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