Bonbek Magazine Free Giveaway

Bonbek Magazine Free Giveaway – Même pas peur !

Bonbek, “the kids magazine that makes parents jealous” is fresh off the press and ready for our kids to devour!  Bonbek is a French magazine for kids that is full of activities and stories and is graphically gorgeous!  The new edition is entitled “Même pas peur” or “I’m Not Scared”! Today, Yoyo Mom and Bonbek Magazine would like to offer you the chance to win 3 copies of Bonbek Magazine!  

Free Giveaway Bonbek MagazineIn this edition you will discover:

– the beautiful story of  ‘NOULOUK’ by Agnès Bertron-Martin & Gwen Keraval
–  Dress up Madame Nezcrochu the witch and Monsieur Dentlongue the vampire
– A deliciously terrible recipe by Orathay Souksisavanh
– Cut out and tape fish Poiscaille-Kaï (for April Fool’s!)

… and many other surprises!

Free Giveaway Bonbek MagazineWe also love the illustrations on the cover by the talented Anne-Lise Boutin !

Why the theme  le thème “I’m not Scared” ? Because our kids are fascinated by all things that make them tremble and scream! They also love stories, games, and activities inspired by wolves, witches and monsters.

This edition of Bonbek is ideal for  keeping on the bookshelf  and reading again and again. Although it is in French, there are several activities that even young non French speakers can partake in!

In order to  participe in the Bonbek Magazine Free Giveaway, follow these simple steps:

– Enter to the contest here:
– Like the Bonbek Magazine Facebook page here:
– Respond in a comment below to this question: “What are you or your child(or children) scared of?” 

In order to have a second, third, fourth or fifth chance to win, you can also share this information on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Instagram (please include the hashtag #bonbekmagazine) and leave another comment under this article to let us know!

This contest is open until Sunday March 30, 2014 at midnight. The winners will be chosen at random.


The lucky winners are: coralie poisson (coucou ici on a trop peur des souris ma puce et moi okok surtout moi hein et lya plus des abeilles guepes et insectes bizard et du vide elle deteste le vide les routes qui monte dans le vide!! les ponts trop etroit!! merci je vais m inscrire bizzzzz), CHRISTINA MARIE (hello, my daughter is scared of the garage and the attic.), and ali (Bonjour, ayé tout fait sur FB!Eh bien mes enfants ont peur des araignées et moi des serpents mais ce pour quoi ils viennent dans notre lit parce qu’il ont peur parfois le soir, c’est les voleurs…) !


Congratulations ! The winners will be contacted via email!

Thank you for your participation and your fun responses. Stay tuned for our next free giveaways :) !

In order to find the winner, we have reunited all comments left on the Yoyo Mom French and English websites.
The winners were selected at random in respect to their date and hour of publication.
Certain comments were posted unfortunately too late and will not be counted.

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  1. My middle son is scared of the dark and is afraid to go upstairs alone, I am happy to join him because I was scared too when I was his age 😉

  2. hello, my daughter is scared of the garage and the attic.

  3. We are all scared of something or someone going in the basement when we are away from the house.

  4. hi, my daughter is scared of wolf !

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