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Favorite Fabric Masks for Kids

Are you on the lookout for a few high quality fabric masks for your children? In France, masks are obligatory for kids 11 years old and up, but certain health professionals recommend wearing masks even at 6 years old. It’s often easy to find masks for adults, but finding the right fitting masks for small faces is not always an easy task.

Today, several kids fashion shops have started to manufacture their very own face masks. Reusable fabric masks are practical, often more comfortable than paper masks and they is also a very large choice of styles. Here are a few of our favorite masks for kids. After all, masks are now the new normal.

GAP Kids Statement Face Mask (3-Pack), 19,95€

SMALLABLE Maskable 3 x Face Masks - Kid Size

SMALLABLE Maskable 3 x Face Masks – Kid Size, 15€

Bobo Choses Fabric Face Masks

BOBO CHOSES Hygiene Face Mask, 9€

Dinoski Panda face mask for kids

DINOSKI Panda three-layer face covering 3-16 years, £13

Camp Collection Face Masks

CAMP COLLECTION Full color Ear Loops Mask (6 Pack), $45


THE NEW SOCIETY Face Masks, 9€

RYLEE + CRU Horse Masks (Set of 2), $10

M BY MELIJOE Set of 3 washable and reusable masks, 25€

NANO AIR MASK Kids Nanofiber Mask – White (10 Pack), $45

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