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Handmade Inspiration #DifferenceMakesUs

Shopping Etsy is a fun and easy way to find original gift ideas and personal shopping inspirations. It also feels good to support small, independent companies that offer unique, handmade products.  The design community on Etsy is so large that sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find things.  So here are a few personal finds that you may find inspiring and you might just even want to add them to your shopping list!

Wooden Marble Baby Rattle

MARBLE Otherware Burly Silicone Teether With Wooden Rings by ShopMartinas

Vintage Boyscout Shirt

1960’s Vintage Cub Scout Shirt by CalloohCallay

Wood Bear Rattle

Organic Beach Wooden Bear Teether or Rattle by TinyFoxHole

Big Whale Plush Toy

Big Whale Animal Plush Toy by Bigstuffed

YokooEnglish Thompson Hat par Yokoo

Macbook Decal Keyboard  Macbook Rose Gold Keyboard Decal Stickers by Keyshorts

Porcelain doll head cups Porcelain Doll Head Cups by ENDEceramics

Tissage Starter Kit

Weaving Starter Kit by FunemStudioFancy pop Gold Hair Pins

Gold Oak Leaves Hair Pins par FancyPopButterflies Poster

Affiche Papillons par SnoogsAndWilde

Embroidered Unicorn Pin

Unicorn Embroidered Pin by LittleBtchXStitch

Coucou Suzette Pin

Love Letter Pin by CoucouSuzette

Polly Pocket toy

Polly Pocket Vintage Toy by CuteVintageToys

Magnetic Dino Wallpaper

Magnetic Wallpaper by SianZeng

At the moment, Etsy is having a contest offering a gift card of 1000€! In order to enter, you just have to publish a photo on your Instagram account of one of your favorite, unique objects with the hashtag #DifferenceMakesUs. You can see more details about the contest here. Good luck!

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