DIY Snood Atelier Brunette

Easy DIY Snood

It’s getting colder outside, and there’s nothing better than a cosy DIY snood to keep you warm.  It’s the perfect moment to make our snood with the recently launched Atelier Brunette fabrics.  They are gorgeous! For this DIY project we chose the Cosmic Blue fabric (available at Atelier Brunette) which is perfect for mom, dad, and also kids.  Vive la versatile snood!

If you do not sew that often, but would like to create something beautiful, easy and practical to wear, this tube scarf (a.k.a. the snood) is for you! For beginners, this DIY snood will take approximately 20-30 minutes and for advanced couturiers, count about 8 to 10 minutes. Quick and easy! We love it!

What you will need:
– the fabric of your choice (Atelier Brunette Cosmic Blue)
– a pair of scissors
– sewing thread
– measuring tape

Atelier Brunette DIY Snood scarf

Measure and cut 160cm x 70cm of fabric.  Fold your fabric in half with wrong side on the outside.  You should now have a folded rectangle shape measuring 80 cm in width and 70 cm in height.  If you have a very thick fabric, you can reduce the height of the fabric and if you have very thin fabric, you can increase the height according to how you like to wear your snood.

DIY Snood echarpe

Sew the 70 cm side together which will make a long tube.

DIY Snood echarpe

Turn the scarf inside out (right sides on the outside) and hem the top and bottom by folding under twice about 2 cm. You can optionally iron down the hem for easier sewing.

DIY Snood echarpe
DIY Snood echarpe DIY Snood echarpe
Grab your snood and try it on! You’re done!

DIY Snood Atelier Brunette

DIY Snood Atelier Brunette

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