Handmade Charlotte - Bunny Bagels

Easter DIY Inspiration

Get inspired for Easter with some DIY activities! Easter is the perfect opportunity to make decorative objects or fun foods with or without children. We would like to share with you our favorite Easter DIY activities. When we think of do-it-yourself the words “simple and pretty”, are the words that resonate for us. The idea of being able to do a DIY activity to decorate the house and make children happy does not need to take very long, nor too much energy for busy moms. Don’t forget to check out our Easter Time Pinterest board for more inspiration!

Rice Krispy Surprise Eggs by Life is Beautiful

DIY de Pâques - Life is Beautiful

Recycled Easter Bunnies by Lavendelblog

DIY de Pâques - Lavendelblog

Easter Egg Balloons by Studio DIY !

DIY de Pâques ballons

Easter Chick Deviled Eggs by Elle et Gourmande

DIY de Pâques - oeufs poussins

Bunny bagels (or pancakes) by Handmade Charlotte

DIY de Pâques - pancakes
DIY de Pâques - bagel bunny

Printable Rabbit Boxes

Don’t forget Yoyo Mom’s DIY Easter Candy Carrot Holders!

DIY carotte de Pâques

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