DIY Watermelon Print Shorts

As you may have already noticed in our latest article on Kids Spring and Summer fashion trends, WATERMELON fashion is all the hype.  With several children’s fashion designers being inspired by this juicy fruit, I also got inspired and decided to do a little DIY with Miss L’s old pair of jeans.  For a while now, we have been patching up a few pairs of jeans and also backpacks, but since Spring is just around the corner, I thought about transforming an old pair of jeans into watermelon print shorts!  This DIY activity is very easy and also a lot of fun to do with the kids. All of the little imperfections in this colorful print make it look even better.

What you will need: 

– A pair of old jeans (lighter denim preferred) cut into shorts
– Fabric paint (pink and green)
– 1 black fabric marker (or fabric paint will also do)
– 1 paintbrush
– 1-2 potatos
– knife (we love our French Opinel!)
– bowl or paper plate for paint


Step 1
Cut your potato into an apple shaped slice to create an imperfect semi-circle. This will be your stamp!

Step 2
Squeeze pink fabric paint into your bowl or paper plate and use your potato to stamp pink watermelon slices onto your shorts.

Step 3
Squeeze green fabric paint into your bowl or paper plate and paint around the curvy edge of each watermelon slice to create the watermelon rind and allow a few hours for paint to dry.

Step 4
With your marker or fabric paint, add tiny or large black dots to create the watermelon seeds.


Now that we have a very fun pair of jean shorts… we just need to wait for the weather to warm up to wear them! This craft can also be done on t-shirts and trousers too.

diy watermelon shorts diy-watermelon-stamp-shorts-5

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