Coloria Tie & Dye

DIY : Tie-dye with Coloria

Good weather arrives with Spring time and we are ready  to add a little color into our wardrobe! On a budget and not sure of the results (this is our first time doing tie-dye !), we used three boxes of Coloria (at 3,10€ per box) and cotton t-shirts and baby bodies (from H&M) to make original and colorful DIY fashion. We began searching for inspiration on Pinterest and decided to try making a dip-dyed baby body and also a Shibori technique shirt. Dip-dying or gradient dying is a bit in fashion right now. Several brands including Finger in the Nose and Moon et Miel make adorable kid’s clothes that are dip-dyed.


According to Wikipedia, Shibori (絞り染め Shiborizome) is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing it, or capping.  There are several Shibori methods and we used the Itajime method to create a stripe pattern.

We used three boxes (3 colors) of Coloria which consist of a sachet of colored powder and a sachet of dye fixer with integrated salt powder. Normally, the Coloria dye is made to be extremely easy to use by adding both sachets to the washing machine with the clothing and washing at 40°. This method is excellent for adding a new life to stained or old clothes without dirtying your hands. Because we had a little more time and we wanted to express a little DIY creativity, we decided to do our tie-dye in a bowl.

Coloria Tie & Dye

What you will need:

– Coloria dye (we used three boxes of green, yellow, and grey)
– cotton clothes (we used white, grey and yellow shirts and bodies)
– a bucket or bowl
– a pair of gloves
– rubber bands or string
– 2 flat shaped wood pieces
– a metal spoon, chopsticks or tongs (don’t forget wood will get stained!)

Preparing the dye : In a large bowl or bucket add about 2 liters of hot water. We used boiling hot water then let it cool for about 5 minutes. Add the two sachets of Coloria and mix well.

How to make the gradient effect:

Coloria tie-dye

Take the le t-shirt (we used a baby body) and immerse it entirely in the bowl. Slowly pull the t-shirt out by the top leaving only the bottom in the bowl for about 40 minutes.  We rolled the shirt around chopsticks and let it sit by itself on the edge of the bowl.

The result: a very happy baby body in bright yellow! Perfect for Spring!

Coloria Tie & Dye

How to make the “V” shape:

Coloria tie-dye

Lay your t-shirt flat and fold in the sleeves then fold it symmetrically in half. From the fold the “V” shape will consist of a diagonal line forming half of the V.  We followed this ehow article for the folds: Once folded, attach the folds by a string or rubber bands. Immerse the t-shirt in the dye completely or half way.  We opted for half way, and our “V” shape came out as a surprise insect like pattern!

Coloria Tie & Dye

How to make the Itajime tie-dye:

Coloria tie-dye Shibori

Take the t-shirt and fold the sleeves in. Fold the t-shirt from top to bottom like a fan or accordion.  Put the t-shirt between two wood pieces and attach them together with rubber bands or strings (like a sandwich!). We used rubber bands and string to hold the 3 pieces tightly together. Immerse the entire shirt into the dye.

Coloria Tie & Dye

After each item is tie-dyed, open them up and let them air dry overnight in order to absorb all the color. The following day, rinse each shirt by hand with lukewarm water to rinse out the remaining color. Wash each article individually in the machine at 40° to make sure the color is set.  With these dyes there is no mess or no color in the machine afterwards!

Our favorite method is the Itajime. It’s easy to do and the results are original!

Coloria Tie & Dye

Coloria Tie & Dye

The Coloria dyes contain no phosphates and they come in 11 fun colors: black, jean black, brown, navy, green, purple, red, yellow and the new colors turquoise and fuschia.  They can be used on cotton, linen, silk and viscose.  If you are interested in doing some DIY tie-dye, we recommend Coloria because it’s simple & easy to use.  We would love to hear about your tie-dye results and experiences! Please feel free to share with us!

Coloria is available in Mini Format (for up to 600 grams of fabric) 3,10€ and the Maxi Format (for up to 1200 grams of fabric) 4,90€ in supermarkets and drugstores in France.

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