DIY Skeleton Costume

DIY Skeleton Costume for Halloween!

Halloween is coming up in just a few days and we are busy preparing our last minute costumes. I love this holiday that allows adults and children to dress up, trick or treat and simply have a fun time with friends and family.

Have you already found your costume for October 31st?  If not, here is a simple DIY idea for making a cute, yet scary skeleton. This costume can be made for both adults and children.

What you will need:
– newspaper
– a round latex balloon (medium or large in size)
– a large bowl
– 1-2 cups flour
– 2-4 cups water
– a fork or hand held egg beater
– white and black acrylic paint
glow in the dark duck tape or white duck tape
– scissors
– black clothing (leggings or jogging trousers + long sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck)

Step 1
In a large bowl, add one cup of flour and two cups of water. Mix well. Don’t worry if the mixture has a few lumps in it.

Step 2
Cut several strips of newspaper approximately 4 cm wide x 15 cm long and quickly dip them into the flour and water mixture.

Step 3
Blow up the balloon as large as possible and tie it with a knot.

Step 4
Add the strips of newspaper one by one around the balloon leaving approximately a 20 cm circumference circle of free space around the knot.  This zone will be used for taking out the balloon once the newspaper has dried, and also for allowing the head to fit into the mask. Add two layers of newspaper around the balloon and let dry for 24 hours.  Repeat step 4 one or two more times, making sure that the layers dry well in between.

Step 5
Once your balloon is dry, you can pop the balloon inside and take it out. With the scissors, make three holes, two for the eyes and one for the nose. This allows for seeing and breathing!

DIY Skeleton Costume

DIY Skeleton Costume

Step 6
Now you have the final shape of the skeleton mask and it is ready to be painted! This is the time to be creative with your skeleton face.  Kids will most likely love to paint their own masks themselves. 🙂 Once you mask is painted, leave it overnight to dry.

DIY Skeleton costume

Step 7
Now let’s make the skeleton body! Cut out bone shapes with your duck take to stick onto your clothes in the front and back. Be creative! Using glow in the dark duck tape allows for your child to be visible all night long! 😉

DIY Skeleton CostumeDIY Skeleton Costume

DIY Skeleton Costume

DIY Skeleton Costume

Happy Halloween!

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