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DIY Ruban Collectif x Yoyo Mom

Ruban Collectif is a group of three girls from different backgrounds, three personalities with three distinct talents (graphic design, photography, & web design), whose mission is to make your family celebrations and intimate moments extra special and memorable. On top of all of their special qualities, Ruban Collectif generously creates free beautiful downloadable DIY projects!

For the launch of our website, Ruban Collectif has created an exclusive DIY poster for Yoyo Mom! The principle is very simple: download, print, cut, place it on a wall and watch your children grow!

You can download the exclusive Ruban Collectif x Yoyo Mom poster here. A huge thank you to Ruban Collectif !

Yoyo Mom x Ruban Collectif - DIY Toise

Yoyo Mom x Ruban Collectif - DIY Toise Yoyo Mom x Ruban Collectif - DIY Toise




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