A roudoudou for you! – DIY Recipe For Kids

So what exactly is a roudoudou?  According to Wiktionary, “a roudoudou is a candy consisting of hard caramel cast in a shell.” These old school sweets just happen to be the candy that all parents and grandparents in France remember when they were kids. Nowadays, the roudoudou sea shells tend to contain colourful artificial hard candy instead of caramel and they are more and more difficult to find in shops.

This is why we are inspired to make our very own homemade roudoudous! They are very easy to create and they are also a delight to eat!  While vacationing in Normandy and strolling along the coast, there were so many beautiful shells to be found that are perfect for roudoudous.  Making these candies offers many pleasures for kids including searching for extra special shells, making sweets, and of course, eating them!  This also brought back a few sweet souvenirs of our family vacation. We hope you enjoy making roudoudous as much as we do!

What you will need:

    • Seashells (Various sizes although we selected 10 shells about 5 cm in diameter.)
    • Butter
    • Sugar
    • Water
    • Spoon
    • Metal pan
    • Pen or markers (optional)

Recette roudoudou

Step One 
Find sea shells.

Step Two  
Clean the sea shells with soap and water or boil the shells for 5 minutes to clean them. Once your shells are thoroughly dry, you can also draw on the back of the shells with a pen to personalise them with names or designs. This is optional and normally safe as most children will not lick the outside of the shells.

Step Three
Add butter and sugar to a metal pan and gently simmer and mix until the mixture starts turning golden and thick (approximately 3-4 minutes).  Add two spoonfuls of water and mix together and remove pan from heat. The caramel mixture should stick to the spoon when it is ready.


Step Four 
With your spoon, carefully pour the caramel into each shell. Let each shell harden for approximately 5 minutes.

Recette roudoudou

Step Five
Bravo! Your roudoudou candies are ready to eat!

Recette roudoudou


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