DIY Pompom ankle socks

DIY Pompom Ankle Socks

Back in the 1980’s didn’t you just LOVE those adorable ankle socks with pompoms on the back? Nowadays, the ankle sock also known as sockettes are back in style. So why not dress up our socks with pompoms too? This DIY activity is so easy and fun to do with the kids.  There are various ways to make pompoms of all colors and the results are ultra cute. 

You will need:

    • a pair of sockettes
    • a pair of scissors
    • a small ball of yarn
    • embroidery thread
    • an embroidery thread needle
    • Djeco Pompom Maker (great for kids!) or a four tine fork

DIY Pompom Socks

Step 1 
Decide how you would like to customize your ankle socks. What color thread would you like to use? You can also go for multiple pompoms or stick with the classic unique pompom.

Step 2
If you have a pompom maker such as the Djeco Pompom Maker, all of the instructions are in your kit. Otherwise, take your average household fork and start wrapping your yarn around fork prongs approximately 40-50 times. The more times you wrap your yarn around the fork, the bigger the pompom will be.

Step 3 
Insert a 10-15 cm length piece of yarn between the second and third fork prong underneath and around the top of the wrapped yarn. Tie a firm and tight knot.

Step 4
Cut through the yarn loops on the left and right side of the fork. You can either cut the loops while the yarn is still on the fork or you can also slip the yarn off the fork and cut the loops afterwards.

Step 5
You now have a pompom that can be trimmed with your scissors to make it perfectly round or you can also trim it around to make it smaller!

Step 6
Repeat for a second, third, or fourth pompom.

DIY Pompom with Fork

DIY Pompom Socks

Step 7
Now it’s time to sew your pompoms on your sock. Thread your needle with embroidery thread without tying a knot.  Insert your needle from the inside back of the sock through the top front of the sock and reinsert your needle through the top front creating a small loop.

Step 8
Insert pompom centered through the loop. Pull both ends of thread tight in the back inside and tie a knot to secure pompom on the back of each sock. Repeat for additional sock.

DIY Pompom Socks

Step 9 (optional)

You can also customize your socks with embroidery along the top edges or you can add an additional pompom instead of just one! Enjoy!

DIY Pompom Ankle Socks

DIY Pompom Ankle Socks

 DIY Pompom Socks

DIY Pompom Socks

DIY Pompom Socks

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