DIY assiette pirate

DIY Pirate Plate

*Here is the third contribution from Mamagamy! You will find a few of her very cool DIY activities on her Instagram account: mamagamy and you can also view her DIY projects on Yoyo Mom here.

For all of our young, picky eaters and also for our kids who eat everything, here is a fun and easy DIY Pirate Plate project. As my son is a big pirate fan, I decided to make a plate with an illustrated treasure map that will stimulate the imagination and inventiveness. If you have a child that doesn’t like to eat much, it’s always important to remember that good food presentation helps evoke interest in what is on the plate! For gourmet foodies, the place occupied by the drawings can justify smaller amounts of food and your child can also take more time while eating by using their imagination and following the path on the treasure map. Above all, it’s time for having fun with your food while eating well.

What you will need:
– a porcelain plate
– 70° – 90° alcohol or white spirit
– Cotton swabs or pads
– An oven
– A piece of paper
Marabu porcelain painter pen (I recommend these pens because they are non toxic. )

Step 1
Clean the plate with a cotton swab and alcohol.

Step 2
Shake the pen and push down on the tip over a piece of paper several times to activate the ink.  You can also use this paper to draw a rough draft of your treasure map.
Step 3
Draw your map on the plate with a firm hand. In case of any slip of the hands or errors, you can use the cotton and alcohol to erase the ink. When the ink is less frequent, don’t forge to push down on the tip again on the piece of paper to get more ink flowing.

DIY assiette pirate

Step 4
Let the plate dry for approximately 4 hours.

DIY assiette pirate
Step 5
Place the plate in an unheated oven. Turn the oven on to 160 degrees and cook during 30 minutes.

DIY assiette pirate
Step 6
Let the plate cool down in the oven.
Step 7
Enjoy your cool new plate!
Bon appétit!

KIDS DIY Pirate Plate


Thank you Mamagamy! <3

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