DIY collier pour maman

DIY Name Necklace

*Here is a contribution from the DIY master Mamagamy! You will find a few of her very fun DIY activities on her Instagram account at mamagamy!

Calling all Super Moms! Here is a fun, personal and personalised DIY necklace. No, this is not your average macaroni necklace, but rather a necklace that will involve Dad’s helping hands (and not the little ones) in order to make it. And for those male counter parts who don’t have handy hands, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making a gift for yourself 😉.

P.S. This DIY tutorial is also great for baby shower gifts!

What you will need:

– gold wire ( I used 0,51 mm gold plated wire)
– gold rope chain
– jump rings
– ring clasp
– long nose jewellery pliers and cutting pliers (or an entire set like this one here.)

DIY materiel collier

Step 1
Write or print out the name you wish to have on your necklace on a piece of paper without lifting up your pen. Cursive writing is ideal! Make sure the size of the name is the exact size that you would like it to be on your necklace.
Step 2
Begin to form a loop with the jewellery pliers.

DIY collier pour maman
Step 3
Bend the wire to form the name.


– For the peaks: hold the wire with the jewelry pliers in the exact spot where you want to make the peak and bend the wire up or down, then tighten the peak with the pliers.
– For the large loops: I advise you to use your fingers and not the pliers in order to make a more attractive loop.
DIY collier pour maman

DIY collier pour maman

When you have finished the name, add another small loop at the end.

DIY collier pour maman
Step 4
Open and attach a jump ring to each small loop at the front and the beginning of the name.

DIY collier pour maman

DIY collier pour maman

DIY collier pour maman
Step 5
Cut the chain to the desired length.

DIY collier pour maman
Step 6
Next, add the end of each chain to each jump ring.  You now have a necklace, but it has no closure.

DIY collier pour maman
Step 7
Cut the chain in the middle. Attache the ring clasp at the end of one side of the chain.DIY collier pour maman

DIY collier pour maman

DIY collier pour maman
If you have more than one child, you can also add 2, 3, or 4 names onto the necklace.

DIY collier pour maman
Happy Mother’s Day!

DIY collier pour maman

Thank you Mamagamy!

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