DIY Name Bracelet

This project is easy enough for kids ages 4 and up to enjoy and can be also done with different variations for older kids and adults.

What you need:

  • 1 and a half feet of embroidery (we used embroidery thread) or elastic thread
  • 1 scissors
  • Thin needle (only needed if the string does not go through the beads easily)
  • Pack of letter beads (bought at Rougier et Plé)
  • Pack of multicolored beads (optional)

DIY name bracelet

1. First place the letter beads in a bowl or plate and let each child select their name. This can be an interesting activity in itself for smaller kids who are just learning how to spell their name.

DIY Name Bracelet

2. Once your letter beads are selected, place them in a shallow dish to avoid loosing any beads!

DIY Name Bracelet

3. Cut the embroidery thread to approximately 1 and a half feet. Tie knot in the middle to block beads on one side and thread needle on the other side. Start beading! The knots can be used to block the beads in the middle of the bracelet. Also letters can be mixed with alternating colored beads.  Anything goes!

DIY Name Bracelet

4. Once the beading is finished, I used Chinese slip knots to allow for an adjustable bracelet. Here is an excellent tutorial for slip knots.

DIY Name Bracelet

5. Voila ! A simple yet adorable bracelet is finished in just under 30 minutes.  The kids are happy to have their own special bracelet!


Here are some other inspirations from Pinterest of Name Bracelet variations:


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