DIY Magnetic Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s Day is coming up and while making our very own pineapple magnets for Miss L’s birthday, we decided to also make a heart card to celebrate February 14th!  These hearts can be made into a magnetic card or a sweet little decoration. They are very easy and fun to make with or without the kids.  Thanks to practical flexible magnetic tape, almost any photo or shape can quickly be transformed and added to the fridge or any other surfaces.

What you will need: 

– Printable Heart Template (Download the Heart Template here or a Pineapple Template here!)
– Scissors – Mastrad Five Blade Scissors (optional)
– Pen
– Glue Stick or Glue
– Cardboard or thick paper
– Crepe Paper or Tissue Paper or your color choice
– Magnetic Tape (available at Michael’sHEMA or on Amazon.)

diy-valentines-day-heart-magnets Step 1: Print and cut out the heart shapes on paper and trace them onto the cardboard. Cut out the heart shapes on the cardboard.

Step 2: Cut out fringe strips from tissue paper measuring approximately 1 cm in height to glue in rows onto each heart. We used our super Mastrad 5 Blade scissors but this is optional and can easily be done with regular scissors.

Step 3: Glue fringe from the bottom of the heart and up overlaying each row to create a fluffy, festive red heart.

Step 4:  On the back of each heart stick a piece of magnetic scotch tape.

Step 5: Your card is now ready to be filled out and sent in an envelope to your loved ones!




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