DIY rainbow latch hooking

DIY Latch Hook Rainbow Decoration

Latch hooking and weaving have become the craft of the moment for several DIYers.  Inspirational wall hangings and decorations can be seen on Pinterest and Instagram without even searching for them.  Artists and brands such as Julie Weaves and Whole have creations and designs to lust over.  Overall, latch hooking is a relatively easy and fun craft that anyone can do, whether expert or beginner.

The last time I did a latch hook rug was when I was a young girl. Last weekend, I decided to teach my daughter how to make a rainbow latch hooking design to hang on her wall. I wanted to make this activity easy and fun enough for children age six and up to do. Although this DIY may require the help of an adult, there are several fun steps that children can do all by themselves. The results are adorable. So let’s get started!

What you will need:

rainbow and cloud illustration (download here)
– A4 paper
– printer
– scissors
– markers (3 to 4 colours)
– latch hook
– latch hook grid
– coloured yarn ( at least 3 colors for the rainbow and white or grey for the clouds, ideally matching the marker colors)
– knitting needle

DIY rainbow latch hooking
Step One
Print out the rainbow and cloud image on an A4 piece of paper.

Step Two

Have your child color the printed rainbow sheet according to how they (or you) would like their rainbow to be.

Rainbow Latch Hooking DIY

Step Three

Place the coloring behind the latch hook grid and either tape or hold carefully together and let your child color the grid with the same colors as their drawing.

Rainbow Latch Hooking DIY

Rainbow Latch Hooking DIY

Step Four

Prepare the yarn pieces by cutting out strips of each color. An easy way to do this is to wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard or two fingers that measures approximately 2-3 cm in width and then cut along one end. After cutting each strip will measure approximately 4-6 cm in length.

Rainbow Latch Hooking DIY

Now you are ready to latch hook!

Step Five

If you have never latch hooked before here are a few easy steps to follow. There are also several video tutorials that can be seen on You Tube. If you already know how to latch hook, you can skip Step Five and go on to Step Six.

How to latch hook

Step Six

Latch hook each piece of yarn according to the matching colored rainbow grid. This may take a bit of time, but after a while latch hooking goes quite fast. Somehow, with children’s small fingers, they can sometimes do latch hooking easier than adults. 😉

DIY rainbow latch hooking

Rainbow Latch Hooking DIY

Step Seven 

Once you have finished latch hooking the rainbow, cut around the edges of the canvas leaving about 2-3 cm of space around the rainbow.

DIY rainbow latch hooking

Step Eight

Gently fold over the edges of the canvas around the back of the rainbow and sew them in place.DIY rainbow latch hooking

DIY rainbow latch hooking DIY rainbow latch hooking

You can now hang up your rainbow decoration with a small nail or just by simply placing the rainbow against the wall.
Happy DIY!


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