DIY Ghost Garland

DIY Printable Halloween Garland

Halloween is just around the corner and perhaps you haven’t had much time to think about decorating… Here’s a little DIY that is fast and easy to do with or without your kids.  You’ll only need a few bits and bobs to make this printable Halloween Garland and you may already have all the materials at home.  Enjoy!

You will need:

  • a pair of scissors
  • thick paper
  • printable model
  • string
  • scotch tape or washi tape
  • white tissue paper (optional)

DIY Ghost Garland

Step 1 

Download the ghost model here and print with your printer on paper.

Step 2

Cut out your ghosts.

DIY Ghost Garland

Step 3 (optional)

Cut the tissue paper in rectangles (approximately 5 cm x 10 cm) and cut out fringe.

DIY Ghost Garland

Step 4

With the scotch tape or washi tape attach the back of each ghost to the string and the tissue paper behind each ghost.

DIY Ghost Garland

DIY Ghost Garland

Your Halloween Ghost garland is ready!

DIY Ghost Garland

Happy Halloween !

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