DIY masque Halloween

DIY HALLOWEEN Day of the Dead Mask

*Here is a DIY contribution from Clarisse at Tinylittlecraft. You can discover her DIY activities on Instagram and on her website.  🙂

Good bye goblins, ghosts, pumpkins and vampires!

This year for Halloween, let’s make a do it yourself Mexican mask!  The Day of the Death (Día de Muertos) is officially celebrated in Mexico on November 2nd. This traditional South American celebration actually celebrates life and death. On this day, skeleton masks and costumes painted in a thousand colours proliferate with flowers and psychedelic motifs!

This DIY activity is not only perfect for Halloween, but  also for a few days after…  😉

DIY HALLOWEEN Masques de la « Muerta »

What you will need:

  • skeleton mask illustration (download here)
  • a sheet of white A4 size paper
  • colored paper (yellow, blue, red, orange, green and pink)
  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • glue
  • eraser
  • 2 strings about 25cm in length
  • scotch tape


Step by Step

Step 1

Print the illustration and trace it onto a sheet of white paper including the outline, the eyes, the nose and the three triangles.DIY HALLOWEEN Masques de la « Muerta »

Step 2

  • Cut out the mask around the circumference.
  • Cut out the eyes and  nose holes.
  • Cut a slits just along each right side of the triangle. DIY HALLOWEEN Masques de la « Muerta »

Step 3

Cut out various colored papers in order to decorate the mask:

  • Red paper: 5 hearts ( 1 big & 4 small)
  • Orange paper: 2 big flowers + 5 round flowers (1 big & 4 small)
  • Yellow paper: 2 eye contours + 3 feathers + the mouth
  • Green paper: 6 leaves + a branch
  • Blue paper: 2 small hearts + 2 small flowersDIY HALLOWEEN Masques de la « Muerta »

Step 4

Glue the various elements to the front of the mask in the following order:

  • red and pink elements
  • yellow elements
  • green elements
  • blue elements
  • orange elementsDIY HALLOWEEN Masques de la « Muerta »

Step 5

Glue the 3 pieces of the triangle slits together with the heart and flowers in each slit to add a 3-D effect.

Step 6

Finish the mask by gluing the rest of the elements in the following order:

  • Orange flowers ont he sides
  • Blue flowers in the orange flowers
  • the branch
  • the yellow feathers
    DIY masque

Happy Halloween!



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