DIY kids costume

DIY Halloween Costumes

For most children there’s nothing better than a holiday that includes dressing up and eating candy! This Halloween in France, you can choose to take your kids to Disneyland Paris or Joe Allen restaurant, in order to celebrate this occasion. Since trick-or-treating is limited and not commonly done in France, we also suggest organizing a small costume party for your kids and their friends!

Do you find Halloween costumes for kids a bit expensive? Why not make your own beautiful and original DIY costumes on a budget! All that is needed is colored tape, scissors, and clothing that already exists in your child’s wardrobe or from a second hand shop. Your DIY Halloween costume can be made in just a few minutes!

What you will need:
– colored tape
– scissors
– clothes

1. Cut tape into various pieces and place on clothing. Depending on your desired costume, you can create tigers, zebras, soldiers, lions, butterflies, or whatever your heart desires!

DIY Tiger kids costume

Get your creative juices flowing! We used a second hand tiger ears headband and an Oeuf  NYC mask and tail to accessorize this DIY costume.  It’s also possible to make the ears and tail out of tape by making a headband with ears.

DIY Tiger kids costume

Fancy a zebra costume?

DIY zebra kids costume

Here is our ferocious (and sweet) tiger!

DIY Tiger kids costume

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  1. Thinking about making the tiger but in orange and black stripes for my daughter. What type of tape do think is best?

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