DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

When offering gifts to others, one of the most important things can be the presentation!  The art of presenting a gift in a unique and special way can make each surprise even better.  Often, the best gift wrappings are personalised and simple. This makes them beautiful and original.  There are several gift wrapping inspirations on Pinterest and also on the internet in general.  Here are a few favorite ideas for your gifts this year and the next!

Black Trees Printable Gift Wrap
You can download Amy Kim’s Christmas Tree paper from Homey Oh My and print it out at home.   Kim has several excellent ideas for gifts. I also love her 3D printable star decorations.



Newspaper Gift Wrap
Who would ever imagine that newspaper as gift wrap could be beautiful? Reading My Tea Leaves proves this to be true! With a little bit of washi tape and flowers she transforms a simple newspaper gift wrap into a magical and festive gift.

Reading my Tea Leaves gift wrap

Reading my Tea Leaves gift wrap

Splatter Paint Gifts
Song of Style and Go Forth! both propose some very pretty wrapping paper made with brown paper and a bit of paint. The effect is very chic and glam!



Craft & Creativity

Hama Bead Gifts
You can get your kids to make these colorful decorations with Hama beads to add to each gift just like Craft & Creativity. This gift decoration is very practical as each object can then be used to adorn the Christmas tree.

Craft & Creativity

Hand Drawn Gift Wrap
Kids love to help wrap the gifts and with this DIY paper, they can draw on white or brown paper in order to make adorable gift wrap. This gift paper is one of our favorites!

DIY Paper gift wrap

Happy Holidays!

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