DIY Fresh Flower Headband

For the past week, this gorgeous fresh floral bouquet from Interflora has been brightening up the home. We were so happy with the bouquet that we didn’t want to throw it away!  The bouquet is still going strong and in order to take full advantage of these floral beauties, we decided to make our very own fresh flower headband or crown. Leaving most of the flowers in the vase, we plucked just a few flowers to create a magical vintage style flower headband.  This DIY activity is very quick and simple and since we just LOVE flowers, we are charmed with wearing them too!


What you will need:
– Fresh flowers
– Headband
– Scissors
– Embroidery thread

Instructions: Pluck or cut with a scissors a few flowers of your choice while leaving about 1 inch of stem.  Thread a needle with embroidery thread. Wrap the thread a few times around one side of the headband and tie a knot to secure it. Pierce the thread through the flower stem and wrap the thread around the headband. Continue piercing each flower through the stem and wrapping the thread tightly around the headband each time. When you are finished adding flowers tie a knot around the headband and you’re done!



Miss L is looking adorable and enjoying the sweet smell of fresh flowers at the same time!


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