DIY Valentine's day

DIY Flip Book for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is on it’s way. For February 14th, I’ve decided to make a cute little handmade flip book that the kids can offer to mom or dad. 😉 When making a DIY flipbook, you can create a card, a small book or simply a few pages of stationary.  This very special animated Valentine’s Day project will surely please parents, kids and or other members of the family.

What you will need:
– letter size or A4 size white paper
– digital camera or smartphone to take photos of your child
– a printer
– small heart stickers (found at Target, Paper Source, or My Little Day)
– wash rice paper tape (optional)
– markers (optional)
– scissors (optional)
– a stapler (optional)

Note: If you cannot find small heart stickers, you can also cut out hearts from colored paper, or also use an adorable heart hole puncher.  If you don’t have the time to find little hearts, your child can also simply draw little hearts and kisses with a coloured marker.

Step 1

Take approximately  8 or more photos of your child with a digital camera or smartphone.  Your child should remain still and not move their body, while only changing their facial expressions.

DIY Valentines Day Gift

Step 2

Print your photos on the letter size paper. When printing, make sure the images appear on the bottom right of each page. If this is too complicated, you can also print the photos on the paper, cut them out and glue them to the bottom right corner of each page.

Step 3 

Stick the heart stickers around the face of each photo. The first page with photo can be left without a sticker, the second page can have one, the third page 2, and the following page 3 or 4, etc. according to your taste.

Little by little, you will create the animation effect with the heart stickers around the photos of your child. Even if the size of the hearts are not exactly the same, the effect will be very cute. You can use your creativity and hearts pretty much however you would like.

If you are satisfied with your pages, you can leave them as is and offer them as gift of a set of stationary. You can use an adorable heart paper clip to attach the stationary together and our child can also write a personalised message on the first page. Your gift is ready to offer!

If you wish to make a small booklet, you can continue to Step 4.

Step 4 (optional)

Cut out the pages according to the size you would like, making sure that you leave double the space on the left so that the images remain visible when flipping them.

Step 5 (optional)

Staple the pages together on the top left and bottom left and cover the stapled end with a pretty washi tape. I used the thematic Mathilde Cabanes Bisous wash tape.

DIY Valentines Day Gift

Flip your pages and you will see a very fun, handmade animation. This will be the ideal gift to offer on a very “love”ly day! Happy Valentine’s Day!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift

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