DIY Easy to Sew Girls Dress with Atelier Brunette Fabric

Here is an easy DIY sewing dress pattern that can be whipped up in just under 30 minutes (atleast for casual sewers!)!  This pattern can be sewn as a girls dress or top depending on the length. With its large neckline and flowing style, the pattern can also be transformed into a top or dress for mom!  In order to sew this simple, yet fashionable dress, we used the “Hirondelle” fabric by Fifi Mandirac for Atelier Brunette from the new collection “L’envolée” or Fly Away. It is not necessary to download the pattern as the measurements are simply 2 folded square shapes and 2 folded rectangle shapes.  For this pattern, we made a dress for Miss L in size 9-10 years old. The width and lengths can be adjusted to make the perfect sized dress for girls or for women.

What you will need:
– Craft Paper
– 1 to 1,5 meters of fabric
– Scissors
– Measuring tape
– Thread (we used black)
– Sewing Machine
– Sewing Pins

Step One: Cut out square and rectangle pieces from craft paper to make the pattern.  We measured 24 centimeters x 24 centimeters for the folded square pieces which form the top front and back, and 30 centimeters by 60 centimeters for the folded rectangle pieces which form the bottom of the dress.

atelier brunette sewing pattern

Step Two: Fold fabric in half and pin paper pattern to fabric with the fold falling on the side of the pattern marked PLACE ON FOLD.

Step Three: Cut out the two square pieces and the two rectangle pieces accordingly.  Keeping the paper and the fabric pinned together will ease cutting the pieces out correctly.  Pay attention to not cut the folded edge! When you open up each square piece, you will have the full size piece of the front and the full size piece of the back as seen below. Please repeat for the two bottom rectangle pieces. In total you will have 4 pieces to this pattern.  There is the option to either create a dipped neckline or keep the square cut neckline. We opted for a slight 2 centimeter neckline leaving 10 cm on each side for the shoulders.

atelier-brunette-fabric-patternStep Four:  With your sewing machine, modify the stitch length of your machine to the longest possible stitch in order to prepare for gathering. With our Pfaff sewing machine we used stitch size  5. Without making a forward or back stitch simply start sewing along the top of each rectangular piece while leaving a long thread in the beginning of the stitch. Sew a straight stitch across the entire top edge of each rectangular piece, pull the thread out leaving thread on the end and not making a back stitch.  In order to make the perfect gathering, we sew the gathering stitch twice. Once on top and once 1 centimeter below for precision. Now start gathering by pushing and shifting the fabric all around the top of the rectangular pieces until the gathering is spread evenly throughout each piece and measures approximately 24 centimeters in order to be sewn together with the top pieces. If you are new to gathering, you can freshen up at with their photo tutorial here. If you are looking to buy a sewing machine, this Hobby Help article is also helpful.


Step Five: Place the two opened square pieces with right side up facing each other. On reverse side, sew each 10 centimeter parts of the top square pieces together to close the tops of the shoulders.

Step Six: Sew each bottom piece to a top piece.  Hem the neckline and arm openings at this time.  A tutorial on hemming can be found at Make It Love It.

Step Seven: Sew the two rectangular pieces together on the left and right sides to finish the sides of the dress.

atelier brunette

Step Eight: If you are happy with the length of the dress you can hem the bottom of the dress, if not you can also cut it and shorten it to the length desired, then hem! Voila! You’re finished!

Here are our results! What do you think? If you try this pattern we would love to see your images and also know your thoughts!





The same dress also on Mom!


A big thank you to Little G and Aunty L for all your help in making this dress!

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