DIY Easter carrot candy holder

DIY Easter Candy Carrot Holders

Easter is just a few days away and if you are looking for an easy DIY activity for parents and kids, these cute paper carrot candy holders will do just the trick! Even if your children aren’t big fans of carrots, they will surely find these colourful veggies (filled with candy or small surprises) delicious! 😉

What you will need:

  • orange and green A4 size paper (I recently found these ideal two coloured papers!)
  • scissors
  • scotch tape
  • small chocolates or surprises

DIY Paper Easter Carrot

Step 1
Role an orange piece of paper into a cone shape making sure that the point at the bottom remains closed.

DIY Paper Easter CarrotStep 2
Cut the remaining paper at a slight diagonal.

DIY Paper Easter Carrot

Step 3
Scotch tape the carrot cone using 2 to 3 pieces of tape.

DIY Paper Easter Carrot

Step 4
Cut out green carrot leaves.

DIY Paper Easter CarrotStep 5
Scotch tape the leaves onto the inside of the top of the carrot.
DIY Carrot Candy Holder

And voila! After 5 short minutes, your carrot is ready to be filled with Easter goodies.  These carrots are also lovely as an Easter table decoration or as party favours. Happy Easter!

DIY Paper Easter Carrot

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