DIY broderie tennis Bensimon

DIY – Customize Your Bensimon Shoes

This winter,  we’ve fallen for the warm and cosy grey colorsole Bensimon high top shoes (on sale at -50% off!).  We love the shoes as is, but we still wanted to add a more personal touch by embroidering a bit of “winter” on our shoes. This gave us the perfect opportunity to learn a bit of DIY Embroidery which turns out to be very easy to do. With just a bit of imagination, it’s possible to create modern and graphic designs.

The Bensimon shoe is ideal for embroidery as the canvas is relatively firm and resistance.  With the help of the website Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart as well as the Prima website, we used 4 types of embroidery stitches to create snow, a pine tree branch, snowflakes and to write a name.  With little effort and few materials, the results are subtle and sweet!

What you will need:
– 1 pair of Bensimon tennis shoes
– embroidery string
– a needle
– a pair of scissors
DIY Bensimon Embroidery

In order to make snow, we used the French Knot stitch :

1. Pull the needle through the fabric (towards the exterior of the shoe) and wrap the thread around the needle 1, 2 or 3 times (one time for  a small knot, 2 for a medium, etc.).

2. Hold the thread tightly  that is wrapped around the needle tightly and poke the needle through the fabric very close to where it came out.  Pull the needle and thread tight and  voila ! The snow effect is done!

Prima broderie

The Star Stitch

For this stitch, it’s almost easier to follow the illustration rather than an explanation… 8 stitches make a star (or snowflake).

prima-broderie-point-etoile The Straight Stitch

To make the tree branch, pull the needle outside the fabric and insert the needle back in to form a line, repeat.

prima-broderie-point-avantSatin Stitch

To embroider a name, the satin stitch is similar to the straight stitch but the movement is left to write  stitches that are very close together. This allows for filling the entire letter. 


In order to see details on each stitch, consult Sublime Stitching’s tutorials here.

DIY broderie tennis Bensimon

DIY broderie tennis Bensimon

DIY broderie tennis Bensimon

DIY broderie tennis Bensimon

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