DIY Saint Valentine’s Day Hearts!

What you will need:

Felt ( red ou pink ) 
– Marker or chalk
– Scissors
– Sewing thread (the same color as the felt)
Googly eyes
– Glue gun / strong glue
Printable heart

Print the heart, trace it out and cut it out on the felt x 2. You can adjust the size of the heart according to how you would like it. I printed the heart out at 80% size.

Cut out the two felt hears and cut one heart horizontally in half.

Sew the two hearts together then turn the heart inside out.

Glue the google eyes onto the front of the heart.

Add a little surprise in your heart and it’s ready to offer to someone special!

You can be creative with the size of your hearts by transforming it into a pin, or a hand warmer. But overall, the idea is to make a small heart pocket in order to slide a little gift inside.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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