DIY T-Shirt for Daddy

*Here is a special Father’s Day from Mamagamy! You can find more of her DIY activities on instagram at mamagamy or on Yoyo Mom.

For all super Dads, this personalised DIY can be made with endless possibilities.  Following the name theme, you can make this personalised t-shirt with iron on felt. Here is an example with two names (because I have two children), but you can also adapt the letters according to any number of children that you may have depending on the length of each name. With only one name, you can position the name on one line or in a circle shape if you have multiple names. Ok Moms, now it’s time for you to play!

What you will need:

– a blank t-shirt
– felt (either with a contrasting dark color for white t-shirts or white if you have a coloured t-shirt)
– double sided iron-on adhesive
– double face Scotch tape ( I didn’t have any left, so I used regular tape)
– scissors
– an iron
– a computer and printer
– a needle and thread (optionnel)

Step 1
Print the name(s) of your child or children. I used the Athletics font which can be downloaded for free at in size 150.

Step 2
Cut out the printed letters and tape them onto the felt.

Step 3
Découper la feutrine autour des prénoms.

Step 4
Place the felt onto the adhesive on the rough side, cut out the letters and turn this piece over. Iron (without water) the letters onto the adhesive paper for about 5 to 10 seconds.

Step 5
Tape the letters onto the non adhesive side of the felt and cut them out one by one.

Step 6
Take each letter and place them on the t-shirt with the adhesive side down. You can use a round object such as a bowl or small plate to place the letters in a circle, or you can use a ruler if you want to make a name on one line.

Step 7
Iron the letters onto the shirt (without water), this time for about 20 seconds.  You can also iron on the letters with the t-shirt inside out.

Step 8 (optional)
Sew each letter onto the t-shirt in order to secure them better, in order to make them resistant when washing in the machine.

Happy Father’s Day! 

Happy Father's Day DIY

Thank you very much Mamagamy!

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