Disneyland Paris… Let’s Go! + DIY Mickey Hat

Have you ever been to Disneyland? This just happens to be the dream for many children! We were inspired when reading a few articles of some of our friends. Gana shares her experiences at Disneyland Paris with her children and the  talented Vanessa leaves us feeling nostalgic for It’s a Small World! We were lucky enough to go to Disneyland Paris last year but we hope to retourn again soon for the new Ratatouille attraction that Gana totally loves:

This year, we discovered Disney’s Studio Park and the new “Ratatouille” attraction! It’s amazing! The kids told us about the 3D effects and the visit in the kitchen while being shrunk to the size of a rat… This  was definitely the case, but also much more!  A truly incredible moment! It’s the very first time that 3D effects took control of me! We laughed, we were scared, a little bit, we were hot, we were swept away, we fell… and even better, after the ride we ate in the real Ratatouille restaurant with it’s old Paris feel!”

We would love to discover this attraction with our proper eyes this Fall! At the moment, Disney’s “30 Magic Days” offers up to -30% off every trip purchased before October 1, 2014, for all trips made between September 2 and January 4, 2015. All stays are also free for kids under 12 years old and even better, it’s valid during vacation periods! It’s a pretty nice way to save and enjoy Disneyland this Fall.

When we asked our kids if they would like to go to Disneyland. They screamed: “YES YES YES!” SO… let’s go!

In order to get into the Disney spirit, we decided to make our very own Disney DIY Mickey Hat!  Making your own Mickey (or Minnie) winter hat is more original than the traditional one and this homemade hat is also sure to keep your child warm when at Disneyland! This project is very easy and the results are very cute!!!


In order to create your very own “Mickey” or “Minnie” winter hat, you will need:

– a black winter hat (or grey for Ratatouille!)
– cardboard
– a black ball of yarn (or the color of your choice)
– scissors
– black thread
– a needle

Step 1
Draw two circles on the cardboard x 2. We used a bowl with a 16 centimeter diameter to trace the first circle and then a milk bottle cap with a 4 cm diameter for the inner circle. Cut out the cardboard pieces to form two flat donut shapes.

Step 2
Take the yarn ball and roll it around the two pieces of cardboard (through the hole in the center) covering the entire cardboard uniformly with yarn.  Once you have covered the entire carton about 2-3 times you can cut the end of yarn.

Step 3
With the scissors cut around the yarn at the exterior circumference of the donut.

Step 4
Then take a 10 cm string of yarn and tie a tight knot between the 2 pieces of cardboard.

Step 5
Take away the cardboard and your first pom pom is done!  Repeat for the second pom pom.

Step 6
With a needle and thread, gently sew your pom poms on to the hat to create fluffy cute Mickey ears!


Now you are ready for Disneyland !


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