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Over the last few weeks, I’ve received several beautiful, personalized greeting cards made up of photos of family and friends. When receiving traditional cards in the post and to know that your friends are thinking of you, makes me feel happy and special.

Receiving these cards, has also reminded me that it was time for me to start organising my personal photos. After several family trips, I’ve managed to accumulate an extremely large quantity of photos on my hard drive. Never truly looked through or shared, these memories, however so precious, have been completely neglected. It’s truly time to start from scratch and get organised!

A photo album or a souvenir book will help my kids to remember their childhood travels. These visual cues help shape their memory and build strong bonds with the family. This also motivates me to make a photo selection and start designing my photo album!

That is why, after a few hours of sifting through images, I presented Atelier Rosemood with a very large selection of photos in order to design an album of our trip last summer: A Safari in Africa. I appreciate the personalized approach adopted by Atelier Rosemood, to answer my questions, provide advice on the quality of the images and propose layouts and a sober cover (each book looks like an art magazine or a very beautiful coffee table book). These important benefits helped me choose this company among others. I am extremely happy with the print quality.


If you are interested in making your very own personalised photo album with Atelier Rosemood, I would like to offer you the chance to win your very own photo album. In order to participate, simply fill in the form below. You will have until Monday February 11, 2019 to participate.

Double your chances to win by following @atelierrosemood and @yoyomommag on Instagram. Don’t forget to mention in a comment below that you have also liked us on Instagram. Good Luck!

Atelier Rosemood album photo

Overall, this album has been the favorite birthday gift that was offered to my Mom. We found it so beautiful that we also decided to order a copy. We also intend to offer friends a gift card so that they can, in turn, compose their very own photo album with Atelier Rosemood. 😉

Atelier Rosemood album photo
Atelier Rosemood album photo
Albums Photos Personnalisés

Thank you for your participation! The winner is… Edith Malzac!

The winner will be contacted via email.  Thank you for your participation and your responses. Stay tuned for our next free giveaway!

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