Craftholic Free Giveaway: Super Soft Giant Animals!

On a bright sunny day while walking in the Marais district in Paris, I came across the new CRAFTHOLIC shop and fell in love with the giant, colorful stuffed animals.  In the shop, I happened to witness firsthand the magic and tenderness of the Craftholic world through the eyes of a little girl.

This girl and her mother came to the shop to purchase a gift for her sister. Upon entering the shop, the girl ran through the doors and directly into the arms of Loris the monkey!  It was love at first sight!  The mother and daughter left the shop with two adorable animals in their arms: Loris the monkey and Rab the rabbit.  At that moment, I understood that these cuddly animals (Sloth the bear, Rab the rabbit, Loris the monkey and Korat the cat) contained something unique and special.

Therefore, I am very happy to be able to offer 3 lucky winners (all winners must be in France!) the chance to win a Craftholic gift! The first winner can choose between the following 4 large animals (see below) measuring approximately 100 centimeters. The second place winner will receive their choice of a medium animal from the Tomorrow series and the third place winner will receive their choice of a Craftholic blanket.  All prizes are subject to availability.

Craftholic Free Giveaway

Craftholic Free Giveaway

Craftholic Free Giveaway

The Craftholic products are all very soft and colourful, fitting the top criteria for kids. Besides various stuffed animals, the Paris boutique also sells beautiful Japanese tea sets and dishes, bento boxes, bags, key chains and several other cute items of which some are sold exclusively in the Paris shop at 4 rue Elzevir 75003.

Craftholic paris boutique

If you are a fan of CRAFTHOLIC, Yoyo Mom would like to invite you to enter our contest.

In order to participate in the Yoyo Mom x CRAFTHOLIC Free Giveaway, respond below in a comment to the following question, « What is your favorite Craftholic stuffed animal? » You can consult the website in order to choose :

Would you like to increase your chances to win?

For a second chance to participate, you can follow the Craftholic Instagram account here: @craftholic_france and leave a second comment below to let us know.

For a third chance to participate, you can also share this contest on FacebookTwitter or Instagram (with the hashtag #craftholic). Don’t forget to leave a 2e or 3e comment below in order to let us know!

Please note that this contest is open only in the France Metropolitan area until April 25, 2017. The winners will be selected at random.



Craftholic Free Giveaway

Craftholic doudous
Craftholic doudous

Craftholic doudous

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Thank you all for your participation! :) It seems that we have a lot of fans for Craftholic. Here are the winners from the French and English site put together …

The first prize goes to Tiphaine R.!

Second prize goes to PriscillaK!

Third prize goes to Aurélie BAZIN!

The winners will be contacted via email.  Thank you for your participation and your responses. Stay tuned for our next free giveaway :) !

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  1. Really love the cute stuffed toys! Wish we were in France to particpate! In Cyprus we don’t have craftholic cuddly toys. I know my kids would love them. Great article Yoyo mom

  2. I would love the animals for my grandchildren. thank you!

  3. Doudou S or L RAB standard !

  4. what a very cool giveaway, I just adore the Doudou L RAB out door!

  5. great-love too winnnn.

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