Colors and Flowers: New Bonton Linens!

Each year for the past few years it’s been “showering babies” in Spring! 😉 Several of our friends are expecting at the moment.

If you are expecting and aren’t very satisfied with what most shops offer for preparing baby’s room, we suggest taking a look at Bonton’s new collection of linens.  There’s a good chance that you will find some very beautiful color palettes and prints featuring baby sleeping bags, crib bumpers, changing mattress covers, high chair cushions, and also kids linens that offer the chance to mix and match. In order to create an original selection for baby’s room we love mixing up the round cushionssquare cushions, and star cushions with a mix of floral Liberty prints and solid colors. With just a few touches of linens, the room decoration is already well on it’s way!  😉 

My own “baby” is no longer a baby, so with the gorgeous linens, I decided to create a cozy little corner in the tipi she received for Christmas.  She is often in her tipi for hiding, playing and also reading (her new passion!).



“Oh Mom, with all of these pillows it’s like the Princess and the Pea!” There you go! Ready to play again in her tipi with her pretty new cushions!




“Mom, can I pack my own bag for the weekend at Grandpa and Grandma’s house?” My daughter is very responsable and has her priorities straight… In her bag, she packed: a book, her doll, and a cushion… 😉


Have a good weekend Miss A!

Shopping List:

Bonton Baby Pillow Cases in Vert Vichy and Rose Constance Liberty Orange
Child Fitted Sheet in Blue Empire
Doll (we got this at Bonton last Christmas!)
Books: “Les vacances de Félix, Ella et les autres” by Iris de Moüy and “Le grand livre de cuisine des enfants”, by Seymourina Cruse & Elisa Géhin (available in the Bonton Shop)
Bonton x Maptote Bag

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