Cinderella Movie Premiere at the Grand Rex!

Since we made the announcement, the girls have been impatiently awaiting!  Sunday, they were extremely excited and the conversation at breakfast was all about PRINCESSES!

“A princess doesn’t drink her hot chocolate with all of that noise!”

“A princess is elegant!”

” A princess only goes out in ball gowns!”

“A princess only gets around in her carriage!”

And so on and so on… It was impossible to stop them!

This Sunday, was in fact, their very own day to be a princes.  We were lucky enough to be invited to see the premiere of Cinderella at the Grand Rex in Paris!

After breakfast, not a minute to waste.  The girls quickly got dressed in their princess gowns and put their hair up in a proper princess style bun.

Funidelia - Déguisements La Belle au Bois Dormant & Cendrillon

“Are we going yet???”

Patience was on the agenda as it was only 11AM and the movie began at 4PM!  In the meantime, the girls spent the day reading their favorite princess books and playing with their princess toys.

Finally, we were ready to go!

“Mom… How are we getting there?”

“In métro?!? But that’s not a carriage!”

The girls carefully lifted  up their dresses in order to keep clean and also to avoid tripping while going up and down countless steps. We were greeted by smiles and fun comments from passers-by ;).

La Belle au Bois Dormant & Cendrillon on the road

La Belle au Bois Dormant & Cendrillon dans le métro

When we arrived at the Grand Rex, there were a multitude of other little princesses waiting for the film to begin.

La Belle au Bois Dormant & Cendrillon au Grand Rex

“I’m hungry!”

“I’m thirsty!”

“When is the show going to start?”

“What’s going on over there?”

“Hey wait!”


“The movie is starting!”

Cendrillon au Grand Rex

I then had the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying the show!  The girls were bursting in laughter while watching the short film featuring the characters of “Frozen”. They were scared of Cinderella’s cruel stepmother, amazed when the Fairy Godmother uses her magic to help Cinderella goto the ball and they applauded when Cinderella finally marries her prince!

When the lights went back on, it was time to go home on the metro with two exhausted princesses that refused to lift up their dresses.  Ladies… are we princesses or not!?  😉

Once at home, I asked the girls, “What was your favorite part of today?”

Without realizing it, they both shouted out, “Everything!!!”

Cinderella is out in cinemas now. We definitely recommend taking your kids to see the film 🙂 !

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